A Millionaire’s First Love is a Korean love story where the theme of this movie is “Nothing is more important than the true love of your heart.”


  • Kim Tae-Gyun

Main Cast:

  • Hyun Bin as Kang Jae-Kyung
  • Lee Yeon Hee as Choi Eun-Whan


  • Romance
  • Melodrama

Running Time:

  • 116 mins

Release Date in South Korea:

  • 2006/02/09


The movie begins with Kang Jae-Kyung (Hyun Bin) is fighting in a gang war where he got arrested and due to his family wealth he was easily bail out. Jae-Kyung coming from a wealthy family, he is arrogant, driving a sporty car, going to a club and riding motorcycle inside school corridors. After coming back from a club Jae-Kyung return at his family own hotel where he meet Choi Eun-Hwan (Lee Yeon-Hee) because of Jae-Kyung looks and wealth many girls are trying to seduce him, he thought that Eun-Hwan is one of them and telling her that this is a five star hotel and not the place to hook up and give her money instead to leave the place without knowing that Eun-Hwan is his childhood friend. Eun-Hwan saw a picture (her dream house) at the ladies room and intentionally lopsided the picture and told Jae-Kyung to fix it and give him a tip where Jae-Kyung give to her earlier as a payback of insulting her.

On the day of his 18th birthday which he will inherit his late grandfather fortune he needs to accomplish requirement made by his late grandfather, he is required to transfer to a new school (Boram High  School) in Gangwon Province and be able to graduate if not he will loses everything. If he also wishes to give up he will only get 0.1% of his grandfather fortune. As he went on Gangwon he saw Eun-Whan who just happened to run into him back in Seoul, she was working at a gas station and also she is one of his classmates in school. In school Jae-Kyung is not cooperative which he always cut classes, run into fights and he even bribes the principal to expel him. On a rainy day Jae-Kyung saw 2 children walking on their way home while following them he run into an orphanage which he had a bad memory in his childhood days on that orphanage, Jae-Kyung got wet and had a high fever where Eun-Whan take care of him which started their feelings toward each other. As Jae-Kyung stay longer in Gangwon he saw the lifestyle of the province and he realizes it was so poor even a 10 dollar bill can make them happy. Later Jae-Kyung need to perform in a school play to be able to graduate which led him to draw much closer to Eun-Whan while practicing on the play Eun-Whan collapses and Jae-Kyung discover that she had a terminal disease and does what he can do to make her happy. He even tells his lawyer to give up his inheritance just to buy the orphanage for her.

During a rehearsal play Jae-Kyung notice that the play is actually like the incident happen in his childhood life at the orphanage in Gangwon when he made a promise to Eun-Whan that he will come back after 10 days which he was unable to fulfill and he erases all the memory in the past including Eun-Whan because of the tragedy of his parents death due to car accident. He told Eun-Whan he remember the things from the past, he explain to her that he came back late and told that he loves her which the doctor advice that she cannot be excite that her heart could stop but because of their love toward each other they ignore it cause that is what their heart told them to do.

The day of the play which originally Jae-Kyung role is a maid he swap with his classmates to be the leading man of the play, he went to Eun-Whan side and she ask him to put on the socks which he bought earlier to her. Even if Eun-Whan had a heart problem she still finishes the play. After the play they celebrate their success of the play and sat down on a swing and Eun-Whan told Jae-Kyung “Sarang-hae” (I Love You) and she wanted to sleep for 3 minutes and where the first snow came unfortunately she unable to saw it. On the day of their graduation she was awarded an Award of Friendship which received by her father also Jae-Kyung lawyer came and told him that the inheritance is now yours which is a present by his late grandfather for graduating. Jae-Kyung built a house with many windows which Eun-Whan dream of and he stated after the 50 first snows hit its windows, they will meet again.


백만장자의 첫사랑 A Millionaire's First Love Lee Yeon Hee A Millionaire's First Love Lee Yeon Hee and Hyun Bin Wallpaper Lee Yeon Hee and Hyun Bin A Millionaire's First Love Hyun Bin

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