A Moment To Remember (Nae meorisokui jiwoogae) is a korean love story about a young couple on how they manage their love until a rare form of disease struck them apart.


  • Lee Jae han

Main Cast:

  • Son Ye Jin as Su-jin
  • Jung Woo Sung as Cheol-su
  • Baek Jong Hak as Seo Yeong-min


  • Melodrama
  • Romance

Running Time:

  • 117 mins

Release date in South Korea:

  • 2004/11/05


Kim Su-jin is a 27 year old fashion designer came from a wealthy family being dumped on the train station by her boyfriend(Seo Yeong-min) which is already a married man,being on the stage of depression at a convenient stores, Su-jin meets Cheol-su(a handsome, tall guy and also a poor carpenter which dreaming to become a architect someday)in an awkward way and later she realize that there is a misunderstanding. She went home and receiving her father’s forgiveness and decided to start fresh. One day Su-jin accompany his father on work which is the head of construction site and there she saw the man on the convenient store which is also the foreman of the construction sites, Su-jin ask her father to help her on renovating and ask if he can bring some of his men to help her then there Cheol-su were sent and one night when drinking a wine there Cheol-su sealed a kiss with Su-jin and where they started their relationships.

They often seeing each other like going to a baseball bat sessions which develops their relationship, one day Su-jin fathers saw Su-jin were very happy and ask her if she already dating someone and introduce to him, that day Su-jin ask Cheol-su to meet with his father but Cheol-su don’t want to due to their stands that he is a poor guy. One night on a restaurant Su-jin fathers accidentally bump into them and saw Cheol-su his foreman eating dinner with his daughter, Cheol-su wants to leave but Su-jin stop him, after Su-jin gone to bathroom she collapses and Cheol-su rush her to the hospital and Su-jin father had a change of heart saw Cheol-su is sincere to his daughter.

They got married and there’s a lot of future plan for both of them and also Cheol-su pass the exam of being an architect, One day Su-jin forgot she’s cooking something and their house almost got burn, later Su-jin meets with her friends and ask if anyone had an incident that forget the way going home and her friend’s laugh that Cheoul-su is tiring her out. Then she visited a doctor for check up and ask many things about her, after 3 times of visit the doctor said that she got an Alzheimers disease and quit her jobs immediately and stay with her family. Cheol-su notices that Su-jin frequently forgot things and consult her doctor to find out, the doctor revealed the disease of his wife. Later that night he confront Su-jin about her disease and no matter what happen he will reminds her of everything. Su-jin Alzheimers got worst and she frequently forget things like mistaken calling her husband name Seo Yeong-min which originally her ex-boyfriend name. She somehow realizes that and make a farewell letter to her husband said that she love him so much that she don’t want to become a burden for him and left him. But Cheol-su had something to tell her and his life will be meaningless if he unable to tell her, in the end Cheol- su finds Su-jin and finally tell her “I Love You”.


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