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After winning an Oscar Award for her role as Flora McGrath in The Piano in 1993, Anna Paquin became a high-profile star at a young age. However, her huge sex appeal caught the attention of the viewers when she put her boyfriend into coma in the first film series of X-Men. After her recurring roles as Rogue, she became even more prominent when she got the lead role of Vampire-themed HBO series True Blood as Sookie Stockhouse.

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Born July 24, 1982 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Anna Helene Paquin in real life, is the youngest offspring of Brian and Mary Paquin, who are both educators. Anna was raised in New Zealand, the place where she met the fate that would entirely change her typical life. Once there, she attended Raphael House Rodulf Steiner School and participated in a variety of school activities like learning to play the viola and piano and sports like gymnastics and swimming.

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Her early fame started when Katya, her sister, urged Anna to join an open casting call for the film project ‘The Piano’. Quickly, it became clear the she was cut out for the role despite her lack of acting experience. She was hired by the director, beating 5,000 competing aspiring actresses for the role – all marking the start of her professional acting journey.

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Campion’s decision was proven when the young Anna Paquin managed to show a convincing portrayal that impressed both critics and audience alike. Portraying the character Flora, the daughter of mute pianist Ada McGrath (Holly Hunter) in The Piano, she represented the story’s complex means of communication between the characters. The film hit the theaters in November 1993.

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After the buzz Anna made, she received prestigious awards, most notably Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars in 1994. As the second youngest actress to ever get such honor, she got widespread attention yet she chose to concentrate more on her studies. Fast forward three years, she returned on screen with two films ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Fly Away Home’.

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After she finally decided to move in Los Angeles during her teen years, Anna Paquin became active on her acting career. She made the transition to become a teen actress on three film projects Hurlyburly (1998), A Walk on the Moon (1999) and She’s All That (1999). Although busy with her movie project commitments, she maintained her dedication in education as she graduated at Windward School, and then, enrolled in Columbia University.

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After playing a variety of roles, Anna Paquin happily accepted a sci-fi action role as Rogue in the blockbuster movie X-Men. With her appearance in the top-grossing film, she instantly stepped up a couple notches higher. It even got better with the subsequent films X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand.

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Her X-Men stardom smoothly enhanced her resume by joining the cast of The Squid and the Whale. Her success on the big screen did not stop her from venturing into TV screen productions when she appeared in the TV film Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee. The TV film is an adaptation of the bestselling book of Dee Brown.

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Due to X-Men, Anna was unable to continue her studies in Columbia University, so she gave up for a year to focus on acting. After her role in the horror film Trick ‘r Treat in 2008, she landed a TV series project as the protagonist of HBO series True Blood. As Sookie Stackhouse, she played the telepathic waitress caught up in a romantic relationship with a 173-year old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

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The show became a success, being much-loved pop culture, letting Anna Paquin fully explore her roles in the following seasons. After her marriage with Stephen Moyer in 2010, she appeared in more films – The Romantics with Elijah Wood and Katie Holmes and Margaret with Matt Damon. She also signed up for a cameo on the horror film Scream 4.




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