Barber’s Tales


  • Jun Robles Lana

Main Cast:

  • Eugene Domingo as Marilou
  • Daniel Fernando as Jose
  • Eddie Garcia as Father Arturo
  • Sue Prado as Rosa
  • Shamaine Buencamino as Tess
  • Nicco Manalo as Edmond
  • Gladys Reyes as Susan
  • Noni Buencamino as Mayor Alfredo Bartolome
  • Iza Calzado as Cecilia
  • Nora Aunor as Guerilla leader
  • Nicco Manalo as Edmond
  • Jess Mendoza as Renan


  • Drama
  • History

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2014/08/13

Trailer Reviews:

Barber’s Tales is about Marilou (Eugene Domingo) who inherits the barber shop of her husband the village barber Jose (Daniel Fernando), who treats his wife a servant on his extramarital activities. With no other source of support, Marilou continued the Barbershop using the skills her husband that he learned on cutting her husband’s hair all this years. But as to be expected, customers though tend not to trust a female barber. However, when the wealthy town mayors (Nonie Buencamino) become her avowed customer, her new career gets going. She also befriended with Cecilia (Iza Calzado), the mayor’s beautiful but lonely wife. Although the mayor had been kind to her, she discovers the other side to his personality from this needy, abused spouse. Marilou also caught between two conflicting sides and find herself harbouring rebels from the oppressive regime and a crisis forces her to choose one side and burn her bridge to other.

Trailer Screenshots:Barbers Tales Eugene Domingo kissing Iza Calzado Barbers Tales Iza Calzado Barbers Tales Daniel Fernando Barbers Tales Eugene Domingo Barbers Tales Kwento Barbero Barbers Tales Barbers Tales Iza Calzado with Eugene Domingo


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