Directed by:

  • Auraeus Solito

Main Cast:

  • Assunta de Rossi as Alban
  • Alessandra de Rossi as Alba
  • Adrian Sebastian as Bagtik
  • Ruby Moreno
  • Olivier Borten
  • Mon Confiado
  • Sue Prado
  • Archie Adamos
  • Panglima Rudy Calo
  • Benjamin Mutya
  • Christine Guillano
  • Alex Sandra
  • Charmaene Zamora
  • Joaquin Arguelles


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2012/11/29

Trailer Reviews:

Baybayin shows the life and culture of Palawan, it involves about the two sisters Alban (Assunta de Rossi) and Alba (Alessandra de Rossi) who fell in love with a deaf and mute native in Palawan named, Bagtik (Adrian Sebastian). Alban taught the story of her younger sister Alba was based on a tale of 2 sisters from Palawan about Monkey and Myna Bird. The bird flies away and could talk while the cursed monkey loses its capacity to talk. Alban, the elder sister is left behind nad given a task of learning and preserving the language. Alba, the girl who leaves with her father, the one who flies away and comes back with ancient syllabaries of the community called Baybayin. With the baybayin as ephemeral link that binds them, written in the sand, bamboo stick and most often on their bodies, the indigenous alphabet spells out their views about the world and it is the living expression on their natural environment as well as their feeling.

Trailer Screenshots:

Baybayin Ruby Moreno Baybayin Olivier Borten Baybayin Alessandra De Rossi Hot Baybayin Assunta De Rossi Hot Baybayin Alessandra De Rossi With Assunta De Rossi Baybayin Adrian Sebastian Baybayin Ruby Moreno Hot

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