Before Sunset is the second series of the Before trilogy it is a sequel to the first series Before Sunrise where Jesse (Ethan Hawke) met Celine (Julie Delpy) nine years ago in Vienna and spend one night together. Once again they met in Paris which they feel sorry back then when they failed to switch contact information and go their different lives but still they haven’t forgot their good old times with their little time left they stroll through Paris talking about their life experience and to see whether they still love each other again after nine years without communication.


  • Richard Linklater

Main Cast:

  • Ethan Hawke as Jesse
  • Julie Delpy as Celine
  • Vernon Dobtcheff as Bookstore Manager
  • Louise Lemoine Torres as Journalist # 1
  • Rodolphe Pauly as Journalist # 2
  • Mariane Plasteig as Waitress
  • Diabolo as Philippe
  • Denis Evrard as Boat Attendant
  • Albert Delpy as Man at Grill
  • Marie Pillet as Woman in Courtyard


  • Drama
  • Romance

Running Time:

  • 80 mins

Release date in United States:

  • 2004/06/17


Nine years have passed since the events of Before Sunrise, when Jesse (Ethan Hawke) met Celine (Julie Delpy) in Vienna and spent one night together. Since then Jesse became a writer and wrote a novel “This Time” about the event happen between them in Vienna, and the book become an American bestseller. To help sales in Europe, Jesse does a book tour around Europe and his last stop on the tour is in Paris a bookstore name Shakespeare and Company. Jesse talk about his novel to the audience while talking his flashing back memories and image of Celine while they in Vienna, the memory of her still clear in his mind despite already nine years have already gone by. Three journalist are present at the bookstore and asking question the first journalist a romantic one asking the main character should meet again, the second journalist a cynic one that it should not, and lastly the third one, despite wanting them to meet again, but remains doubtful they actually do.  Each of them represents three possible ways a viewer might guess in the aftermath of the novel with their own personalities. As Jesse continue to talk to the audience his eyes wander to the side and saw Celine smiling at him, as the presentation is over Jesse ask the bookstore manager the schedule of his flight and told to him will be tonight with a few hours left and Jesse approaches Celine and invited her to a walk just like in Before Sunset their reunion is constrained by time.

While they walking to a café shop Jesse wondering how Celine know that he would be there in the bookstore Celine told him it’s her favourite bookstore and read about the novel and she found it quite familiar until he saw the picture of him. Celine eagerly want to know if  he was able to go their again in Vienna six months after they depart cause she was unable to go because of the sudden death of her grandmother before the scheduled date of their meeting while Jesse kept his promise that made Celine feel sorry for. As they arrive at the coffee shop they talk about their respectively lives where Celine has become an advocate for the environment and study in New York for quite some time which Jesse also live there and feel pity that they doesn’t have a chances to meet each other. They continue to share their life experience and talk about Celine’s boyfriend, a photojournalist which she does not see her boyfriend very much because he is so often on assignment. They even talk about their sexual encounter that night but Celine denied which seems she forgot due to her grandmother death, they also talk about end of the world what would they do and talk about sex.

Later they ride on a tourist boat a tour around Paris where the both of them confess that they still haven’t forgotten each other till now where Celine told every little things she were curious and every relationship she had been had a very specific way which very hard for her to forgot. While Jesse slowly regretting over Celine why she had not show up that day and that their life would be a lot different, even one time the day on his marriage while heading to the church she even thinking that she was near the church actually Celine also live nearby. Jesse also talk about her wife that she is smart, beautiful, caring but they have no real close relationship the marriage still lasted because of his son that he doesn’t want him to become a broken family.

At the end of the tour they ride a car where Jesse had rented and drive Celine back to her house while inside the car the two have an tense moment where Celine is afraid to love again cause she haven’t fell any connection or excitement cause she had put all her romanticism that night with Jesse and never able to feel love again while Jesse is confessing his loveless, near sexless marriage, Celine reaches her hand out to touch Jesse but pulls back just as he turns to her.

The movie ends with Jesse at Celine apartment and Jesse had learned that Celine plays guitar and requested to sing a song for him and Celine agree, she had 3 songs one is for her cat, the other one his ex-ex-boyfriend and lastly some kind of a waltz. Jesse chose the Walts (written by Delpy) were the lyrics is about their brief encounter in Vienna. After Jesse plays a Nina Simone CD on the stereo system which Celine dances with the song “Just in Time” and imitates Simone’s voice and says to Jesse “Baby you are gonna miss that plane” and Jesse smiles and says “I know” as the film ends.


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