Bekikang: Ang Nanay Kong Beki

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  • Wenn V. Deramas

Main Cast:

  • Joey Paras as Victorio “Beki”
  • Tom Rodriguez as Fortunato “Fortune”
  • JM Ibañez as Fortunato Jr. “Potpot”
  • Carla Humphries as Natalie
  • Tirso Cruz III as Gorio
  • Lassy Marquez as Tomas
  • Atak Arana as Entoy
  • Nikki Valdez as Samantha
  • Malou de Guzman as Anacleta
  • Maricar de Mesa as Mariana
  • Miguel Aguila as Mandy
  • Manuel Chua as Dado
  • Rubi Rubi as Lydia (Carinderia Vendor)
  • Jeff Luna as Lydia’s Helper
  • Debraliz as Trudis
  • Janice de Belen as Maristella


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/10/23

Trailer Reviews:

Bekikang tells the story of Beki (Joey Paras), a loving with a good heart gay family breadwinner who is in love with Fortunato (Tom Rodriguez) but unfortunately Fortunato is in love with someone else who is Natalie (Carla Humphries), the girl that he dump because he got pregnant. Months later Fortunato leaves the baby at Beki’s doorstep, forcing him to take good care of the child with the help of his best friend, Samantha (Nikki Valdez), and his swishy partners in crime, Tomas (Lassy Marquez0 and Entoy (Atak Arana). Seven years later the dramatic conflict arises, Bekikang worlds come crashing down when Beki runs to Fortunato again. Natalie and Fortunato get reunited again to reclaim the child, Potpot (JM Ibañez)whom Bekikang has raised as his own son. Will Beki lose the only person who makes him happy and whom genuinely loves him?

Trailer Screenshots:

Bekikang Tirso Cruz III with Joey Paras Bekikang Joey Paras Beki Bekikang Tom Rodriguez with Joey Paraz Bekikang Tom Rodriguez with Karla Humphries Bekikang Iza Calzado Bekikang Dingdong Dantes Bekikang Tom Rodriguez Bekikang Maricar de Mesa Sexy Bekikang Tom Rodriguez Handsome Bekikang Tom Rodriguez with Joey Paras

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