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  • Pedring Lopez

Main Cast:

  • Roxanne Barcelo as Gel
  • Cholo Barretto as Alex
  • Joem Bascon as Daniel
  • Akihiro Blanco as Jessie
  • Mercedes Cabral as Cynthia
  • Kariz Espinosa as Ghost
  • Jef Gaitan as Mommy


  • Horror

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2015/05/20

Trailer Reviews:

Binhi or The Seed starts with a young married couple who have just moved from Manila to Baguio where Cynthia (Mercedes Cabral) who is in the late stage of pregnancy and her husband Daniel (Joem Bascon), the two seeking to start a new beginning  in their life. The couple moved into a large house with the help of Daniel’s friend Alex (Cholo Baretto) and he also helped Daniel a new job. As the future of the couple looks bright and settle well enough in their new lives, both Daniel and Cynthia encounters with a ghost of a young girl around the house. Daniel digs into his past to seek answers, a mystery to his wife and Cynthia asking questions about the previous occupants in an attempt to find an answer about the truth of the entity and a way to appease the restless spirit of the young girl.

Trailer Screenshots:

Binhi Horror Film Binhi Roxanne Barcelo Beauty Binhi Binhi Horror Binhi Mercedes Cabral with Cholo Barretto Binhi Mercedes Cabral Scared Binhi Cholo Barretto

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