Blood Ransom


  • Francis Dela Torre

Main Cast:

  • Anne Curtis as Crystal
  • Alexander Dreymon as Jeremiah
  • Samuel Caleb Hunt as Roman
  • Jamie Harris as Bill
  • Darion Basco as Daniel
  • Kevin Meaney as Mr. Manningham
  • Natalina Maggio as Nikki
  • Clifton Powell as Detective Hobbs
  • Vanessa Evigan as Anna
  • Emily Skinner as Emily Hudson
  • Clayton Rohner as Rich White Guy
  • Carol Jones as Nora
  • Dion Basco as Oliver
  • Adam Gifford as Max


  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Thriller

Release Date in United States:

  • 2014/10/31

Trailer Reviews:

Blood Ransom is about a girl named Crystal (Anne Curtis), a new converted vampire. She lost her direction in her life and she decides to be a full vampire but to complete the process, every seven days from the time she is bitten by the leader of the vampire clan, she must kill a human and drink the blood of it. Crystal also caught in a love triangle between Jeremiah (Alexander Dreymon), who end up involving himself after Crystal is goes missing and save her, she fell in love with her. And, Roman (Caleb Hunt), an evil overlord and a leader of a group who kidnapped Crystal that she would like a do-over, but he makes clear that once you’ve crossed the line to be a vampire, there’s no going back unless you suffer the consequences. Can Jeremiah still save Crystal to the vampire world that chases her?

Trailer Screenshots:Blood Ransom Alexander Dreymon with Anne Curtis Blood Ransom Anne Curtis with Alexnader Dreymon Sex Blood Ransom Jamie Harris Blood Ransom Anne Curtis Vampire Blood Ransom Anne Curtis with Alexander Dreymon Blood Ransom Anne Curtis Blood Ransom Caleb Hunt with Jamie Harris Blood Ransom Anne Curtis Beautiful Blood Ransom Caleb Hunt Blood Ransom Anne Curtis with Alexnader Dreymon Bed Scene


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