Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo


  • Enzo Williams

Main Cast:

  • Robin Padilla as Andres Bonifacio
  • Vina Morales as Gregoria de Jesus / Oriang
  • Eddie Garcia as Museum of Philippine Political History curator
  • Daniel Padilla as Joaquin
  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Andrea
  • RJ Padilla as Gary
  • Jericho Rosales as José Rizal
  • Isabel Oli as Espiridiona Bonifacio / Nonay
  • Joem Bascon as Emilio Jacinto
  • Rommel Padilla as Padre Mariano Gomez
  • Isko Moreno as Padre José Burgos
  • Dennis Marasigan as Padre Jacinto Zamora
  • A. Rocha as El Heneral
  • Fernando Ortigas as Glaring Friar
  • Ping Medina as Ladislao Diwa
  • Richard Quan as Teodoro Plata
  • Junjun Quintana as Procopio Bonifacio
  • Cholo Barretto as Ciriaco Bonifacio
  • Miguel Faustmann as Padre Gil
  • Lou Veloso as Tatang
  • Bon Vibar as Governor Blanco
  • Jun Nayra as Emilio Aguinaldo
  • Crispin Pineda as Moises
  • Pepe Herrera as Filipino Worker
  • Mike Gayoso as Lazaro Macapagal
  • Mon Confiado as Col. Agapito Bonzón
  • Erlinda Villalobos as Tandang Sora
  • Bong Cabrera as Teodoro Patiñ0


  • History
  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2014/12/25

Trailer Reviews:

A Philippines Historical Movie titled “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” begins with the execution of the three martyr priests in 1872 and a young Andres was among the crowd that witnessed the public execution of GOMBURZA. The story then flashes forward to the present day where a group of high school students visit to a local museum (Museo ng Katipunan) led by Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) and Andrea (Jasmin Curtis-Smith) for their school project and they learn supposed the truth about the Supremo. Then flashes back on July 3, 1982, we first properly meet Andres Bonifacio (Robin Padilla) as a member of La Liga Filipina. He becomes a friend of Jose Rizal (Jericho Rosales) and when Rizal was jailed, Andres visits him and proposes to engineers Rizal’s escape but Rizal is not persuaded by the plot. After Rizal’s death, Bonifacio becomes a prominent member of a growing resistance and it is his leadership that brings people together under the flag of Katipunan. Then follow the story through 1892 where he meets his second wife Gregoria de Jesus (Vina Morales) until the way to his final days in Cavite.

Trailer Screenshots:

Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Jericho Rosales Jose Rizal Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Daniel Padilla with Eddie Garcia Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Watch Pinoy Movies Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Jericho Rosales with Robin Padilla Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Vina Morales with Robin Padilla Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Isabel Oli Hot Bonifacio Ang Unang Pangulo Robin Padilla

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