Call Center Girl


  • Don M. Cuaresma

Main Cast:

  • Pokwang as Teresa “Terry” Manlapat
  • Jessy Mendiola as Regina “Reg” Manlapat
  • Enchong Dee as Vince Sandoval
  • K Brosas as Lolay
  • John Lapus as Ritchie
  • Alex Castro as Martin
  • Ogie Diaz as Midang
  • Ejay Falcon as Dennis
  • Arron Villaflor as Perry Manlapat
  • Dianne Medina as Claire Manlapat
  • Natasha Cabrera as Teresa’s Co Call Center Agent
  • Dawn Jimenez as Lea
  • Jestoni Alarcon as Raun Manlapat
  • Janice de Belen as Vince’s Mother
  • Pooh as Job Fair Interviewer
  • Jayson Gainza as Vendor
  • Chokoleit as Trainer Chokie
  • Rufa Mi
  • Thou Reyes
  • Tado Jimenez as Security Guard
  • Cheridel Alejandrino as Elevator Girl


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/11/27

Trailer Reviews:

Call Center Girl is about a mother who worked for more than a decade in a cruise ship for her family and returns home named, Teresa (Pokwang). Yet in the process she alienates herself from her family, especially her youngest daughter Regina (Jessy Mendiola), she built up a lot of hatred to her mother over her abandonment issues. To make up with the time she lost for Regina, Teresa getting a job to help her daughter pay for her placement fee for a job in UK. Accidentally the job she gets lands on a call center where Regina is presently employed, giving Teresa a chance to bond with her daughter. But as she reach out to her daughter  it only causes more tension , especially when  Regina comes to believe that Teresa is flirting  with their team leader Vince (Enchong Dee), who is in search for a mother figure and found the said mother figure to Teresa.

Trailer Screenshots:Call Center Girl Pokwang Beautiful Call Center Girl Jessy Mendiola Beautiful Call Center Girl Enchong Dee Call Center Agent Call Center Girl John Lapus with K Brosas Call Center Girl Pokwang Eyeglasses Call Center Girl Pokwang with Jessy Mendiola Call Center Girl Enchong Dee Abs Call Center Girl Pokwang Call Center Agent


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