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Camilla Belle Short HairCamilla Belle was born in California to an American father and a Brazilian mother. Camilla is fluent in three different languages, namely English, Spanish and Portuguese. Her distinct dark and defined eyebrows have always been her signature mark that makes her constantly stand out in many Hollywood events.

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Camilla’s modeling debut started early on in life even before she began walking or talking. At the age of nine months, Camilla was already a commercial model for a print ad. Her early childhood was then filled with shooting commercials so by the time she was five years old, Camilla was ready for her acting debut.

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Camilla landed her first TV movie role with “Troubleshooters: Trapped beneath the Earth” alongside Kris Kristofferson. More TV movies then followed including “Annie: A Royal Adventure” in 1995 with her portrayal as Molly. In the same year, Camilla made her feature film debut in the adaptation of the classic movie “A Little Princess”.

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Camillz then portrayed the daughter of many Hollywood A-listers, some of which included Steven Seagal in “The Patriot” and Sandra Bullock in “Practical Magic”. It was also in the latter movie where Camilla was given a Youth in Film Young Artist Award nomination. In addition, she was nominated for her guest appearance on the TV series “Texan Ranger” and received nominations for “Replacing Dad” and “Rip Girls”.

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In 2001, Camilla was back to doing films with “Back to the Secret Garden” of the Showtime Network. The film is actually a sequel to the classic family film “The Secret Garden” where Belle had the chance to work with Joan Plowright. It was then after this film where Camilla decided to take a break from show business to concentrate on school.

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Four years after, Camilla was back in the industry with her comeback film “The Ballad of Jack and Rose”. Although the film received limited theatrical release, Camilla was labeled as an impressive newcomer by several film critics. The same year, she had a major role in “The Chumscrubber” which received little attention and theatrical release as well.

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Camilla was then brought back to doing mainstream with her lead role in the horror movie “When a Stranger Calls”. The film was released in 2006 and proved to be a hit at the U.S Box Office. It was also here where Camilla’s name was gaining much recall.

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After the release of “When a Stranger Calls”, Camilla was then cast alongside Steven Strait for the film “10,000 B.C.” by Warner Brothers. The movie is a prehistoric epic that is directed by Roland Emmerich. Camilla then became busy when the film began shooting during the Spring of 2006 in several locations such as Namibia and South Africa.

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In 2008, Camilla was romantically linked to Joe Jonas of the Jonas Bothers after she starred in one of the band’s music videos. A year after, the adorable couple called it quits. By 2011, Camilla was ranked as one of People’s magazine Most Beautiful People in the world.

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Camilla has indeed proven herself as a wonderful actress at such a young age. Her elegance and beauty is radiantly seen on many Hollywood red carpet events. Despite her young age, Camilla Bella is off to become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses of the new generation.


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