Chain Mail


  • Adolfo Alix Jr.

Main Cast:

  • Meg Imperial
  • Shy Carlos as Sandra
  • Nadine Lustre as Anne
  • AJ Muhlach
  • Rose Van Ginkel
  • Caleb Santos
  • Mark Bautista
  • Perla Bautista
  • Jackie Lou Blanco
  • John Regala
  • Bernardo Bernardo
  • Menggie Cobarrubias
  • C. Parker
  • Janna Roque
  • Prince Stefan
  • Josh Padilla
  • Arkin Del Rosario
  • Carlo Lazerna
  • Issa Pressman
  • Chad King
  • Kim Molina
  • Clint Bondad
  • Clark Merced
  • Billy Villeta
  • Arvic Rivero
  • Ryan Kevin


  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Mystery

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2015/07/22

Trailer Reviews:

Chain Mail begins with Anne (Nadine Lustre) who is mysteriously killed by a rampaging jeepney crashing into the internet cafe, who at the time was reading her emails. After her death, Sandra (Shy Carlos) begins to see strange apparitions of a mutilated body. Other people see this apparition also and those who see’s it seem to die soon after. One dies and is followed by series of sudden and unexplainable death of others. Sandra and people around her suspect the deaths have something so do with a chain letter that being forwarded to a group of people. Then later, Sandra begin to unfold the mystery of the deaths of people around her, the chain mail is cursed and who ever fails to passed the mail will be die and she must find the root and mystery behind this misfortunes. Will Sandra stop the curse before it’s too late or  will become the next victim of this tragic mystery.

Trailer Screenshots:

Chain Mail Meg Imperial Pretty Chain Mail Watch Pinoy Movies Chain Mail Shy Carlos Hot Chain Mail Meg Imperial Hot Chain Mail Mark Bautista Chain Mail Shy Carlos Pretty Chain Mail Pinoy Movies Chain Mail Pinoy Horror Movies

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