Dance of the Steel Bars

Directed by:

  • Cesar Apolinario
  • Marnie Manicad

Main Cast:

  • Patrick Bergin as Frank
  • Mon Confiado as Gudo
  • Maila Damian as Ana
  • Dingdong Dantes as Mando
  • Ricky Davao as Rodrigo Yumul
  • Gwen Garcia as Gov. Gwen Garcia
  • Kathleen Hermosa as Lulu
  • Gabe Mercado as Deputy Warden Diaz
  • Joey Paras as Allona
  • Thou Reyes as Dong
  • Renee Salud as Charity


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/06/12

Trailer Reviews:

Dance in the Steel Bars was inspired on the Cebu prison inmates who became an internet sensation after the videos of them dancing were uploaded in youtube in became viral, But actually it doesn’t seem to really tell their story. The story centers on three inmates, Frank (Patrick Bergin), a retired American fireman who gets married to a Filipina, who wrongly accused of murder by trying to help a teenager stabbed by a group of thugs. Frank was begins to lose faith in everything he believed in until he become friends with  Mando (Dingdong Dantes) who accidentally kill his gay dance instructor in one intense dance lesson and secretly  harbours a desire to dance. And Allona (Joey Paras), a gay inmate who lead the inmates for a physical fitness program through dancing, appointed by Rodrigo (Ricky Davao), an idealistic new warden who wants reform in the corrupt prison complex. Together the three are given a chance to make things better, but the corrupt and ambitious deputy warden Diaz (Gabe Mercado) try to thwart all the good things and intentions that they do all the time.

Trailer Screenshots:

Dance of the Steel Bars Watch Pinoy Movies Dance of the Steel Bars Dingdong Dantes Handsome Dance of the Steel Bars Dingdong Dantes Dancing Dance of the Steel Bars Pinoy Movies Dance of the Steel Bars Joey Paras Dance of the Steel Bars Ricky Davao


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