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Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah, more popularly known as just Daniela Ruah, is a Portuguese-American actress. Amazingly, Ruah speaks three different languages, namely English, Portuguese and Spanish. Known as Dani by her close friends, this striking actress has not only made waves in Portugal TV but also in Hollywood as well.

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Daniela was born in Boston, Massachusetts while her father was a resident in the Boston University-Tufts University Program. She was born with an amazingly distinguishable and unique birthmark of having a hazel-colored right eye. What makes it so unique is that her right eye is hazel while her other eye is brown-blackish in color.

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Daniela comes from a family of Portuguese doctors and other medical fields. She is the only daughter of Dr. Moises Carlos Ruah and Catarina Lia Azancot. Her father is a descendant of Sephardic Portuguese Jewish while her mother had a Sephardic mother born in Portugal.

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When her dad completed his residency in Boston, Daniela and her family decided to move back to Portugal when she was five years old. Unfortunately, not long after their return, her parents divorced ,leaving her to spend the rest of her childhood in Portugal with her father. She then attended St. Julian’s School in Carcavelos not too far from Lisbon.

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Daniela started acting in numerous Portuguese soap operas in her teenage years. Her first acting role came when she was 16 for Jardins Proibidos, a Portuguese soap opera. She continued to work on many other products until she finished high school.

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Daniela continued her education at London Metropolitan University, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Performing Arts. Ruah was an active member of the Portuguese-Jewish community that was headed by her father’s relative. In fact, she was one of the selected few interviewees of the Jewish Telegraph Agency that ran a piece about the gathering of Jewish young people.

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After college, Daniela went back to Portugal to establish herself as an actress. She was widely recognized as the champion of Danca Comigo, a celebrity dancing competition based in Portugal. She also made appearances in several TV shows, short films and theater productions. By 2007, Daniela decided it was time for her to expand her opportunities by moving to New York to study at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

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Not long after, Daniela’s stardom shot right up as she was introduced to Hollywood on the hit TV show “NCIS: Los Angeles” as Agent Kensi Blye. She is a series regular on the show that premiered in 2009. Last September of 2011, “NCIS: Los Angeles” launched their 3rd season that included Ruah in the cast line-up.

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Daniela won a Portuguese Golden Globe award for her performance in the “Revelation of the Year”. In the same year, her Portugal success extended to Hollywood with her being nominated as the Best TV action Female Actress at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2011, she bagged a pre-nomination for an Emmy Award.

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This animal lover not only has a passion for acting but a great compassion towards animals as well. When she’s not busy shooting for her TV series, Daniela devotes her time volunteering to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It then goes to show how Daniela Ruah is not only blessed with good looks but a good heart as well.


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