Dania Ramirez MoviesLong before Dania Ramirez became a celebrity, she was already in love with acting. When she was young, she would act out in front of her family scenes from popular soap operas. The beautiful young actress was born in Dominican Republic, but her family moved to New Jersey where she eventually grew up.
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She studied in Montclair State University and completed her studies in 1999. At the age of 15, opportunity came knocking at her door when a talent scout saw her at a Los Angeles convenience store where she was working. The modeling scout was able to land her a small part in a TV commercial, and that was the beginning of her career in the entertainment industry.
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To improve her acting skills, the young actress decided to study at the Actor’s Workshop in The Big Apple, where she was mentored by acting coach Flo Greenberg. Ramirez had several print and commercial modeling stints before she transitioned into movies. In 1997, she appeared as an extra in Subway Stories, an HBO movie about New Yorkers’ experiences in the subway.
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While making the movie, she was introduced to director Spike Lee, who gave her a small role in the 2004 movie She Hate Me. Dania Ramirez appeared in other movies. In 2004, she was given a supporting role in the movie Fat Albert.
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In 2006, she appeared in the movie X-Men: The Last Stand. Her role as Callisto left a pretty good impression on the viewers, causing them to remember her as the sultry antogonist who fought with Storm and gave her a hard time. The actress also appeared in the 2007 movie Illegal Tender. And in 2008, she starred in the film The 5th Commandment.
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Aside from her projects for the big screen, Dania Ramirez also starred in a number of TV series. She had several appearances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s seventh season in 2003 where she played the role of a budding slayer named Caridad. Although the actress had been earning recognition for her movie and TV appearances, it was in The Sopranos that she really got noticed, where she played the role of Blanca Selgado, a Dominican woman who dated A.J. Soprano but eventually called it quits and broke his heart.
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After her five-episode stint in The Sopranos, the actress was cast as Maya Herrera in the hit TV series Heroes. Her most recent TV project is for the series Entourage where she is known as Alex, an employee of Salvatore “Turtle” Assante who later on became involved with him. She also had other minor roles and appearances in movies and TV.
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Dania Ramirez is recognized by many as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. She has been featured as such in a number of magazines. The Dominican beauty became a model for CoverGirl in 2009.
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This experience, according to her, is a dream come true since she had always wanted to be a CoverGirl model. The company’s choice to get her as spokesmodel paid off. A lot of people gladly welcomed the gorgeous fresh face to represent their favorite cosmetics brand.
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In 2010, Dania Ramirez together with Queen Latifah launched CoverGirl’s campaign Clean Makeup for Clean Water. The campaign involves delivering a supply of clean water to different villages who need it. This objective was to be met by raising $500,000 for the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program.

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