Echoserang Frog

Directed by:

  • Joven M. Tan

Main Cast:

  • Lito “Shalala” Reyes
  • Angelu De Leon
  • Kiray Celis
  • Dennis Padilla
  • Joross Gamboa
  • Marco Alcaraz
  • Angelo Patrimonio
  • Empoy Marquez
  • Derek Ramsay
  • Wendell Ramos
  • Jaclyn Jose
  • JC De Vera
  • Fu


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2014/04/02

Trailer Reviews:

Starring itself Shalala, get the break he deserved, he is also known as “Queen of Blind Items”. This time he got the major role and no more extra. Echoserang Frog tackles the problems of making an Indie Films. An industry veteran is given a chance to produce and be the star in his own movie. But he quickly finds movie production isn’t quite glamorous as it seems. A chaotic, crazy and lot of fun with many cameo appearances in the film.

Trailer Screenshots:

Echoserang Frog Watch Pinoy Movie Echoserang Frog Derek Ramsay with Lito Shalala Reyes Echoserang Frog Tagalog Movies Echoserang Frog Angelu De Leon Hot Echoserang Frog Marco Alcaraz with Shalala Echoserang Frog Dennis Padilla with Shalala Echoserang Frog Pinoy Comedy Film

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