Edsa Woolworth


  • John-D J. Lazatin

Main Cast:

  • Pokwang as Edsa Woolworth
  • Ricci Chan as Boni Woolworth
  • Steven Spohn as Frank Woolworth
  • Prince Saruhan as Paco Woolworth
  • Lee O’Brian as Chad Bauer
  • Lee Robin Salazar as Patrick
  • Michael Dorado as Mang Abe
  • Vivian Foz as Norma Burog
  • Princess Ryan as Shayne Burog
  • Joji Isla as Rody Uribio
  • Cheena Crab as Chuchi
  • Cassandra Scott as Diner Waitress
  • Carlos R. Hailey as Voltaire
  • Edwin Ortiz as Lover 1
  • Andy Tran as Lover 2


  • Drama
  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2014/11/14

Trailer Reviews:

EDSA WOOLWORTH is a story of a Edsa (Pokwang) and her two brothers Paco (Prince Saruhan) and Boni (Ricci Chan) Living in the Bay Area somewhere in the U.S.; these three are left with the challenging task of taking care of their stepfather Frank (Steven Spohn) who suffers from alzheimer’s disease. The strong ties of the siblings was tested when her gay brother Boni had a break-up with his long time boyfriend, Edsa after giving up on love, finally finds a perfect man for her Chad (Lee O’Brian) to be with and it was further complicated when their adopted brother Paco left the family to chase his real dad, who does not really want anything to do with him. With personalities collide, they fight and bicker along the way. They go through a rollercoaster of life-changing experiences that define their decisions and their choices.

Trailer Screenshots:

Edsa Woolworth Michael Dorado Edsa Woolworth Pokwang with Lee O Brian Edsa Woolworth Lee O Brian Handsome Edsa Woolworth Ricci Chan Edsa Woolworth Pokwang Edsa Woolworth Pokwang with Steven Spohn Edsa Woolworth Stephen Spohn in tears

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