EKSTRA (The Bit Player)

Directed by:

  • Jeffrey Jeturian

Main Cast:

  • Vilma Santos as Loida Malabanan
  • Marlon Rivera as Director
  • Ruby Ruiz as Josie
  • Tart Carlo as Venus
  • Piolo Pascual as Brando
  • Pilar Pilapil as Ms. Amanda/ Doña Esmeralda
  • Cherie Gil as Doña Beatriz
  • Cherry Pie Picache as Ma’am Amelia
  • Richard Yap as Sir Richard
  • Marian Rivera as Belinda
  • Nenita Deanoso as Ekstra 1
  • Karen Leslie Dematera as Ekstra 2
  • Boobsie Wonderland as Ekstra 3
  • Raymod Ocampo as Assistant Director 1
  • Antonette Garcia as Madonna
  • Linda Villalobos as Doray
  • Ronaline Ronn Enriquez as Joyce
  • Abi Niesta as Rosali/Carlota
  • Vincent de Jesus as Assistant Director
  • Toni Lopengco as Magda
  • Eula Valdez as Eula Valdez
  • Zyrus Imperial as Amelia’s Boylet
  • Rex Lantano as Gen
  • Raymond Rañoza as Filipo
  • Hazel Faith Dela Cruz as Olga
  • Martha Comia as Cristina
  • Jake Seneres as Marco
  • Ricky Pascua as Father of young Piolo
  • Zachary Ezekiel Diaz as Young Piolo
  • Angelica Luis as Young Marian
  • Olive Cruz as Doña Martina
  • Tom Rodriguez as Rafael
  • Nico Antonio as Gaffer
  • Vida Masakayan as Nanay Flor
  • Afi Africa as Production Designer
  • Orlando Marcos as Cameraman 1
  • Paulo Gabriel as Cameraman 2
  • Marx Topacio as Driver Wilfredo
  • Mhel Seduco as Mother of young Marian
  • Bobby Contiga as Brando’s Double
  • Sunshine Teodoro as Executive Producer
  • Louie Kim Sedukis as Wardrobe Head
  • Miguel Cruz as Director of Photography
  • Rosejean Sevilla as Young Talent
  • Jojo Flores as Driver of Ms. Amanda


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/08/14

Trailer Reviews:

Ekstra revolves on Loida Malaban (Vilma Santos), a bit player and a hardworking single mother who has been working several years in a showbiz industry. It goes into show that she remains calm and understanding even she waits for a long time, she also experience sufferings as a bit player, verbal abuse , distress, and oppressive heat as well as the positive side and bond of the co-extras who share the joys with her. It portray also the how excited is Loida when she was able to work with Brando (Piolo Pascual), but you can feel her anxiety, when she forgets her financial problems. It gives us a glimpse on one of the most underrated people in the showbiz industry and how the talents struggle on their scene.

Trailer Screenshots:

Ekstra Marian Rivera with Piolo Pascual Ekstra Vilma Santos Ekstra Piolo Pascual Papa Ekstra Marian Rivera Hot Ekstra Cherry Pie Picache Ekstra Watch Pinoy Movies Ekstra Vilma Santos Pinoy Movies


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