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Vivacious actress Emmanuelle Vaugier proves that looks aren’t just what she has as she continues to shine on TV and movie screens around the world. This animal lover is fluent in French mainly due to her childhood background. However, Emmanuelle surely has gone far since her private school days.

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Emmanuelle was born in Vancouver, Canada and grew up in a French-speaking Roman Catholic home. She attended an exclusive girls private school called Crofton House School. However, she moved to Magee Secondary School for the last few years of high school until she graduated.

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Emmanuelle appeared in numerous TV shows such as North Show, Veronica Mars, Super Natural, Higher Ground, Charmed and the Outer Limits. She also played Suzanne in the Emmy Award nominated mini-series called “The Beach Boys: An American Family”. Emmanuelle also had a starring role for “MOW Veiled Truth” of the Lifetime Network.

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Vaugier then signed on to portray the character of Nicki on the teen TV drama series “One Tree Hill”. Nicki was apparently the ex-girlfriend and mother of Jake’s child played by Bryan Greenberg. It was in “One Tree Hill” where Emmanuelle’s nasty side came out as her character was out to gain custody of their child.

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Not long after, Emmanuelle was given the role that really put her in the spotlight. She was then best known for her role as Mia on the award-winning comedy “Two and a Half Men”. She appeared in six episodes of the CBS sitcom as the love interest of Charlie Sheen’s character.

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More TV guest appearances started to pour in including her starring in the title character Painkiller Jane for the TV movie of the Sci-Fi Channel. In 2002, she became Lex Luthor’s love interest on the hit drama show “Smallville” where she played Dr. Helen Bryce. In 2010, she appeared as FBI agent Emma Barnes in a couple episodes of “Human Target”.

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She also became a familiar face as Detective Jessica Angell for three seasons of “CSI NY”. In the show, she was in a serious relationship with character Detective Don Flack played by Eddie Cahill. Fans were devastated upon learning that her character was cut short due to budget constraints.

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Currently, Emmanuel can be seen in the crime series ‘Covert Affairs” with her recurring role as journalist and blogger Liza Hearn. Much like her on-screen character, Emmanuelle is not afraid to push boundaries no matter what it takes. When it comes to film, Vaugier has appeared in Saw II, Saw IV, Unearthed and 40 Days and 40 Nights with Josh Hartnett.

Emmanuelle Vaugier Wallpapers

Emmanuelle is clearly blessed with great physical beauty. She continues to be a favorite magazine cover girl having done covers for Femme Fatal, Maxim, Dolce Vita, Flare, Status, UMM, LA Health, Modern Dog, Vancouver View, Vancouver Lifestyles, Donato and Infamous. In 2006, she was among Maxim’s Top 100 of the year.

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Today, she lives in Los Angeles to stay close to her Hollywood commitments. When she’s not busy with work, Vaugeier devotes her time and energy to various charitable animal rescue organizations such as the Best Friends Animal Society. As a passionate animal lover, Emmanuelle Vaugier is determined to rescue and rehabilitate injured and unwanted animals alongside the organization.

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