Directed by:

  • Alvin Yapan

Main Cast:

  • Pauleen Luna as Tina
  • Tom Rodriguez as Richard Samaniego
  • Rafael Rosell as Nick
  • Benedict Campos as Ricky
  • Johnron Tanada
  • Olive Nieto
  • Dennis Marasigan
  • Gay Balignasay
  • Christoff Ken


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/11/13

Trailer Reviews:

Tina (Pauleen Luna), a self-centered rich girl obsessed in finding a true love but she is afraid to fall in love again after finding out that her boyfriend Ricky (Benedict Campos), a handsome young man who turns out to be gay. She has a faithful best friend, Nick (Rafael Rosell), to whon she confides her problems. They been friends from way back but Tina thinks Nick is gay but the truth Nick is very straight and that he himself has fallen for Tina secretly since she comes from a rich a family while he is the breadwinner who provides for his mother and younger brother. Along the way Tina ask for Nick’s help in trying to figure out his new crush, Richard (Tom Rodriguez), an FX driver who takes her to office every day and a handsome young man  and she instantly attracted to him but she’s afraid he might be gay. It turns out that Richard has a big secret but it’s not what as expected, providing the final twist in the story.

Trailer Screenshots:

Gaydar Rafael Rosell with Pauleen Luna and Tom Rodriguez Gaydar Rafael Rosell Gay Gaydar Tom Rodriguez with Pauleen Luna Gaydar Rafael Rosell with Pauleen Luna Gaydar Tom Rodriguez Handsome Gaydar Benedict Campos Gaydar Pauleen Luna Beautiful Gaydar Pauleen Luna with Rafael Rosell

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