Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy

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  • Wenn V. Deramas

Main Cast:

  • Vice Ganda as the quadruplets:
    • Girlie Jackstone (the Girl)
    • Peter Jackstone (the Boy)
    • Mark Jill Jackstone (the Bakla / Gay)
    • Panying Jackstone (the Tomboy / Lesbian)
  • Maricel Soriano as Pia Jackstone
  • Joey Marquez as Pete Jackstone
  • Ruffa Gutierrez as Marie
  • Cristine Reyes as Liza
  • JC De Vera as Osweng
  • Ejay Falcon as Harry
  • Kiray Celis as Snow White
  • Xyriel Manabat as Cindy
  • Rhed Bustamante as Bella
  • JM Ibanez as Ariel
  • Ryan Bang as Jun Pyo
  • Angelu De Leon as Rhea
  • Bobby Andrews as Jack
  • Joy Viado as Lola Amparo
  • Jasper Visaya as Michael Jackstone
  • Luis Manzano as Priest
  • Karylle as Peter’s Crush
  • Debraliz as Barbara
  • Tess Antonio as Head Nurse


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/12/25

Trailer Reviews:

Years ago, Pia (Maricel Soriano) and Pete (Joey Marquez) bear quadruplets as children. The siblings were split up when Pete needs to go to the United States and his domineering mother brought two babies away from Pia. The quadruplets grow up not knowing of the existence of the other pair and Pete decides to go back to the Philippines and find the other pair.  After long years of separation, quadruplets Girlie-female, Peter-male, Mark-gay, and Panying-lesbian (Vice Ganda) meet again when Peter needs a compatible liver to save him from Hepatitis. But they found out that Mark has been harboring a lot of resentment and he is the only compatible donor, but in exchange for his liver he sets a condition for Girlie, Peter, and their father Pete that they must experience the hardships he, Panying and their mother have gone through. But in the process, Mark starts to give their family another chance. However, just when things are going well for them, Marie (Ruffa Gutierrez) Pete’s current fiance plans to have him and Pia permanently separated. Is there a happy ending for this unconventional family?

Trailer Screenshots:

Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Joey Marquez Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Vice Ganda Girl Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Maricel Soriano Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Vice Ganda Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Cristine Reyes Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Vice Ganda Beautiful Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Maricel Soriano with Joey Marquez with Vice Ganda Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Cast Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Kids

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