Goodbye Mr. Cool is a Hong Kong movie and it is a successor of the famous Young and Dangerous film series. Cool Dragon (Ekin Cheng) used to be a triad leader and after failing to kill someone he got arrested and prisons him for many years. His father died when he was in prison and could not attend his funeral which he feel very sorry for him and decided to change his life once he get out in prison.


  • Jingle Ma

Main Cast:

  • Ekin Cheng as Cool Dragon (Lung)
  • Karen Mok as Helen
  • Rain Li as Ms. Mung
  • Wai-Ho Tam as Sui Lung
  • Suet Lam as Hong
  • Chapman To as Long Hair
  • Jackie Kui Chung-yin as Volcano
  • Pin-Yuan Huang as Prince


  • Action
  • Drama

Running Time:

  • 101 mins

Release date in Hong Kong:

  • 2001/04/12


The movie start with Lung (Ekin Cheng) walking (cripple)  in the Kowloon street after being released in prison where he recall the days in Thailand after he failed a mission of killing a triad leader and where he injured his leg  and managed to escape.  Arriving at his destination a small café manage by his old friend Hong (Suet Lam) they warmly welcome each other, they had a drink where Lung explain how he arrive at Thailand jail because he was betrayed and while at the jail he meet a triad leader that will be executed next day told Lung that he had money and power but if he had a chance to choose again he will not choose the path of a gangster where Lung have been enlighten.

Next morning Lung work at the café as a busboy and one of his follower before Long Hair (Chapman To) and Eagle wanted to reunite with Lung as their leader but Lung refuses and told them that he already give up being a triad and change his life to a new path. While cooking his special dish Lung feel sorry for his father death that he was in jail and cannot accompany his father on his last day and Lung’s father write a letter that he already forgiven Lung for his doing and wishes him to start a new life once he is out on jail.

Later that night Long Hair confronted his leader Volcano (Jackie Lui Chung-yin) which he wanted to rejoin Lung which make Volcano angry and next day he visit Lung that their boss wanted him back and Lung refuses again. Bonnie one of Helen’s men bring Sui Lung (Wai-Ho Tam) at the café and had a meal which later Bonnie leave Sui Lung and told Lung that this is your son with Helen (Karen Mok), Lung remembers Helen his girlfriend when he left her before when he gone to Thailand for a mission but didn’t return due to he was in jail. Following day a member of a triad wanted to get some protection money from the café which Lung and Hong reminisce their old days which they also get protection money which Hong almost got killed and they just give them the money which see by Helen and the triad members flee. Lung and Helen had a talk that she wanted to help Lung became a leader again but again Lung refuses.

As days goes by Lung become close with Siu Lung where there is an incident that Siu Lung punches his classmate at school but later found out that Siu Lung been beaten by three kids instead. Also Lung found out that Siu Lung is stealing some money on the café which Lung as a father guide his son that stealing is not right their relationship as father and son grew each day which make Lung a happy father already. While Helen is still eager to make Lung comeback to the triad, she knew Lung personality that he will help her when she had trouble and Helen made a plan she and Volcano have a business where Helen told Volcano that she will not give the money from their business, her plan is to lure Lung to save her. Helen partial plan is correct that Lung will not leave her when in trouble but Lung instead go to Prince and told Helen is in trouble and nothing to do with him. Prince goes to Volcano place and paid the balance to him and made Helen very disappointed which Lung didn’t came to save her. Later while Siu Lung celebrating his birthday Helen came and throw the heroin away but Lung made her realize that he will not ever change his mind to return in the triad. Helen stop pursuing Lung and made her mind that he will break up with Prince and leave Hong Kong together with Siu Lung and Lung agrees.

While Prince waiting for Helen to came back home, Volcano told him that Helen is at Lung place which made prince angry and inform his men to kidnap Helen and Siu Lung which led to no choice for Lung to save them. Prince challenge Lung a duel at the rooftop that whoever losses will leave Hong Kong and Lung won the match while celebrating one of the Volcano men backstab Lung and apologizing Siu Lung that he didn’t kept his promise that he will not leave him but in the end Lung manage to change his life for not being a triad.


Goodbye Mr. Cool Rain Li Goodbye Mr. Cool Pin-Yuan Huang and Ekin Cheng Goodbye Mr Cool Chapman To Goodbye Mr. Cool Wai-Ho Tam Goodbye Mr. Cool Ekin Cheng and Wai-Ho Lam Goodbye Mr. Cool Karen Mok Goodbye Mr. Cool Suet Lam and Ekin Cheng Goodbye Mr. Cool Ekin Cheng and Rain Li Goodbye Mr. Cool Jackie Kui Chung-yin Goodbye Mr. Cool Ekin Cheng and Chapman To

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