Halik Sa Hangin

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  • Emmanuel Quindo Palo

Main Cast:

  • Julia Montes as Mia Generoso
  • Gerald Anderson as Gio Magno Brauner
  • JC de Vera as Alvin Paredes
  • Edu Manzano as Mia’s stepdad
  • Ina Raymundo as Mia’s mom
  • Jasmine Curtis Smith as Quinn
  • Yayo Aguila as Alvin’s mom
  • Ricardo Cepeda as Gio’s dad
  • Miles Ocampo as Camille
  • Miguel Vergara as Sam
  • Boboy Garovillo as Fr. Abellera
  • Jett Pangan as Rene
  • Melissa Mendez as Ruth Brauner
  • Jonicka Cyleen Movido as Pauline
  • Minnie Aguilar as Yaya Jeng


  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Thriller

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2015/01/28

Trailer Reviews:

Mia (Julia Montes) an art student who recently arrive on Baguio and struggling to get over her father’s death. She grows up with her beloved father but his untimely demise meant she had to immerse and act normally with a new family. Having just move there to live with her estranged mother (Ina Raymundo) and stepfather (Edu Manzano), both who try to help but Mia doesn’t feel comfortable living under the roof of her new stepfather and mostly rebuffs them and remains distant. Soon, she meets Gio (Gerald Anderson), a mysterious young man with whom develops a strong connection with her. She begins to spend time with him, and she begins to fall in love. She is consumed by it, made joyful, trusting and vulnerable, but Gio is hiding a dark secret from her and he eventually forces Mia to make a drastic choice that puts Mia and those close to her in danger.

 Trailer Screenshots:

Halik Sa Hangin JC de Vera Halik Sa Hangin Gerald Anderson Smile Halik Sa Hangin JC de Vera Handsome Halik Sa Hangin Julia Montes Pretty Halik Sa Hangin Edu Manzano with Ina Raymundo Halik Sa Hangin Julia Montes with Gerald Anderson Halik Sa Hangin Julia Montes Beautiful Halik Sa Hangin Julia Montes with JC de Vera

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