Infernal Affairs is the first series of the trilogy film which tells a story about a police officer who been assign to become a mole in the triad and on the other hand a member of the same triad who act as a police officer secretly working as a mole for them. Their objectives are the same to help their bosses whom later found out that there is a mole inside them and putting them in a race to root out the other mole.


  • Andre Lau
  • Alan Mak

Main Cast:

  • Andy Lau as Inspector Lau Kin Ming
  • Tony Leung Chiu Wai as Chan Wing Yan
  • Anthony Wong as Superintendent Wong Chi-shing
  • Eric Tsang as Hon Sam
  • Chapman To as Tsui Wai-keung
  • Edison Chen as Young Lau Kin Ming
  • Shawn Yue as Young Chan Wing Yan
  • Kelly Chen as Dr. Lee Sum Yee
  • Sammi Cheng as Mary
  • Elva Hsiao as May
  • Gordon Lam as Inspector B
  • Ting Yip Ng as Inspector Cheung
  • Dion Lam as Del Piero
  • Hui Kam-fung as Yip


  • Crime
  • Mystery
  • Thriller

Running Time:

  • 101 mins

Release date in Hong Kong:

  • 2002/12/12


The prologue opens with triad leader Hon Sam (Eric Tsang) who sends a numbers of youngster to become a mole on the police department who’s one of the member is Young Lau Kin Ming (Edison Chen) at the same time his colleagues young Chan Wing Yan (Shawn Yue) also join the police academy which later being expelled even though his performance is quite good. In reality it is the plan of Superintendent Wong Chi-shing (Anthony Wong) to help him capture the triad leader and offer him to become an undercover cop who accepted by Yan and reporting directly to only Wong and Yip (Hui Kam-fung).

The film begins with Yan getting some drugs at a hi-fi store where he works and Lau kin Ming also there looking for a stereo device and both of them having a conversation which neither of them knows their true identities. Later Wong and Yan meet at the rooftop which Yan shows disrespect due to he become tired of being a mole and it is almost ten years where he started still the triad leader still had not been captured, Yan told Wong that coming weeks there would be a cocaine deal between the Thai and Hon Sam and Wong give him brown envelope inside it a mini speaker for spying a watch for his birthday gift. Soon after Yan secretly attends a funeral where Superintendent Yip had recently passed away and gave him a salute where Wong only left to know his identity as a cop.

Later that night Superintendent Wong set a meeting with the whole department including Ming to entrap the cocaine deal between the Thai’s and Hon Sam, after the meeting Ming call Sam and alerted him that the police is after him. The Thai’s had a arrive and successfully made a deal with Hon Sam and Yan alerted the situation inside by using the speaker device with Morse code which Wong gave him earlier but Ming saw Wong using Morse code and eavesdrop their conversation, Ming immediately alerted Hon Sam before they being busted and call his men Keung (Chapman To), Del Piero (Dion Lam) to dispose of the cocaine. Wong immediately hold the entrapment with Hon Sam because they failed to had a evidence and Hon Sam suspect Yan and forcefully remove the cast on Yan hands and Wong arrives and take them away while at the police station both Yan and Hon Sam knowing that there is a mole inside them, putting them in a race against time to root out the other mole.

After the incident, Hon Sam secretly meets Ming at a cinema to give the list of his members and to find out the mole without knowing that Yan is following them but he fail to see Ming face clearly. Yan tries to follow Ming but unluckily his phone rings and he is forced to back off. By this time Ming get use to it of becoming a police officer and wanted to erase his ties with the triads while Yan is starting to lose faith in him as a cop after being a gangster for ten years. Ming also assigns to investigate the police department who is the mole.

Yan meets Wong for the second time at the rooftop and intends to pullout Yan for his safety. They are unaware that Ming subordinate Inspector B (Gordon Lam) is tracking Wong. Meanwhile, Hon Sam sends Keung and Del Piero to kill Wong and the mole after receiving intel from Ming. Inspector B informs Ming and sends an OCTB squad to rescue Wong. Yan manage to escape with the help of Wong by letting Yan to use the crane, Meanwhile Wong tries to escape but being and caught and throwing him out of the rooftop as Yan is about to escape he manage to witness Wong fall to death and he was stun. Before the gun fight between the triad and the cops started Leung manage to draw him out at the gun fight resulting the death of three triad members including Del Piero. Leung and Yan escape from the scene and while they driving the car crash due to Leung had a gun wound at his chest and died in the arms of Yan.

At the police headquarters second-in-command Inspector Cheung (Ting Yip Ng) was very angry at Ming due to the CIB investigating Wong and Ming told the police head that he will capture Hon Sam himself. Ming contacted Yan thru Wong’s cell phone and cooperates with him to turn down Hon Sam and Yan agreed. Hon Sam had another deal with the Thai’s and the police track them down and Hon Sam was killed by Ming to erase the ties with the triad. Returning to the police headquarters Yan is waiting at his office and they officially met before Ming could return the true identity of Yan as a police officer, he found out that Ming is the mole and immediately leave. Ming realizes and deleted the identity of Yan as a police officer from the computer. Yan visited his therapist Lee (Kelly Chen) whom he in love with and tell her a secret which he is an undercover agent and bid farewell to Lee, Yan sends a CD to Ming’s House but it was receive by his wife Mary (Sammi Cheng) with a recording the conversation between Hon Sam and Ming. The two agreed to meet at the rooftop where Yan usually meets with Wong and Yan surprisingly disarm Ming with no resistance and Inspector B arrives at the scene and command to release his boss.

The film ends with Inspector B killed Yan while entering an elevator backwards with Ming as a hostage and Inspector B told Ming that he is also one of Hon Sam men and ask Ming to watch out for him due to their bosses are already dead. As they enter the elevator Ming shoot inspector B so there will be no trace of his past and become a police officer. Yan was acknowledge as a police officer and buried next to Superintendent Wong.


Infernal Affairs Tony Leung and Andy Lau Infernal Affairs Eric Tseng Infernal Affairs Eric Tseng and Anthony Wong Infernal Affairs Kelly Chen Infernal Affairs Andy Lau and Tony Leung Infernal Affairs Chapman To and Dion Lam Infernal Affairs Eric Tseng and Tony Leung Infernal Affairs Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng Infernal Affairs Anthony Wong and Andy Lau Infernal Affairs Anthony Wong and Tony Leung

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