Instant Mommy

Directed by:

  • Leo Abaya

Main Cast:

  • Eugene Domingo as Bechayda
  • Yuki Matsuzaki as Kaoru
  • Luis Alandy as JB
  • Rico J. Puno as Ben
  • Shamaine Buencamino as Mrs. Cruz
  • Tuesday Vargas as Cousin Suzette
  • Matt Evans as Oscar
  • Jojit Lorenzo as Lee
  • Delphine Buencamino as Jenny
  • Earl Ignacio as Roger
  • Mitoy Sta. Ana as Sir Mitoy
  • Dudz Teraña as Win
  • Nicco Manalo as Olops


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/08/28

Trailer Reviews:

Instant Mommy is a story of Bechay (Eugene Domingo), a wardrobe assistant at TV commercials company ProdHaus. She is pregnant with the child of her Japanese boyfriend, Kaoru (Yuki Matsuzaki), a businessman whom she met when he visited the Philippines. Bechay’s life seems to be moving in ggod direction, with a financial support from her boyfriend coming from Japan, a new house that under construction and Kaoru is in the process on divorcing his wife. Then the worst happens when Bechay has a miscarriage and Kaoru devastated by the news. And when he finally does make contact again, Bechay decides to lie to his boyfriend, pretend that the miscarriage is false alarm and telling that she’s still pregnant. When he eventually gets back in touch, he is delighted but then Kaoru asks her to send him some evidence that she still had the child in her and make a video when the time comes that she will be giving birth to their child.

Trailer Screenshots:

Instant Mommy Eugene Domingo Pregnant Instant Mommy Yuki Matsuzaki Handsome Instant Mommy Yuki Matsuzaki Instant Mommy Eugene Domingo Pretty Instant Mommy Yuki Matsuzaki with Eugene Domingo Sex Scene Instant Mommy Luis Alandy Instant Mommy Yuki Matsuzaki with Eugene Domingo

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