It Had To Be You is a Hong Kong romantic comedy where Jack (Ekin Cheng) and Jill (Karena Lam) working on the same restaurant having hard time in their love life. Jill a restaurant manager who had a boyfriend Chi On (Wu Bing) but she is only a backup girlfriend where she already know and hoping someday she will be the one. While Jack had a similar case he also a backup boyfriend with his girlfriend Grace (Bobo Chan) as soon as they realizes that they both victim in romantic relationship they became friends and encourage each other to fight for their loves but as time goes by they started to develop and had a liking between them.



  • Maurice Li
  • Andrew Loo

Main Cast:

  • Ekin Cheng as Jack
  • Karena Lam as Jill
  • Eric Tsang as Jason
  • Bobo Chan as Grace
  • Bing Hu as Chi On
  • Hiro Hayama as Sung Chin Yeung
  • Nicola Cheung as Moon
  • Tin-Ngoh Seung as Jill’s Mom
  • Shiu Hung Hui as Jack’s Cousin
  • Yan Ng as Apple


  • Romance

Running Time:

  • 93 mins

Release date in Hong Kong:

  • 2005/03/05


The movie starts with Jill (Karena Lam) at Chi On (Bing Hu) place when Chi On’s girlfriend arrives and Jill secretly leaves the place using the backdoor. Jill knows that she is only a backup girlfriend of Chi On but she is hoping that one day Chi On will come around and make her his one and only. While Jill walking on the street she saw a man being chase by his girlfriend and call him a jerk. Later at the restaurant where Jill is working Chi On’s together with his girlfriend Helen celebrating Moon (Nicola Cheung) birthday while celebrating Helen had a fight with Chi On and they breakup, Jill also heard the conversation and immediately go to the kitchen celebrating by herself which she also ran into Jack (Ekin Cheng) and she remember earlier the jerk she saw on the street. Jason (Eric Tsang) introduces Jack to her as their new chef in the restaurant. Later that night Jill set a meeting about the menu and Jack told about one menu which is Rice with Duck Blood with less order without knowing that the dish is the only order of Chi On when coming to dine in the restaurant and Jill was mad and walk out. While heading home Jill together with her imaginary dog saw Jack drinking alcohol while being chase again by Grace (Bobo Chan) and Jack confronted Jill about hating him so much without knowing the whole situations.

Next day Jill had a talk with her friend and talk about her love life and suggest Jill to stop it cause no one knows about them but Jill insist and gone to Chi On place to drop a cake with peanut butter on it and left. Chi On called her and scolded her about the cake she bought and told that some people are allergy on peanut. Later at the restaurant some friends of Moon discussing about the incident happen on her who had swollen face due to peanuts which had similar case to Chi On friend and Jill doubting that the two are the same person. Jill was hard broken and her typical way of showing is crushing some coffee beans which similar on Jack he also pounding a meat. While they going back home they met again and they had a good conversation when there is an emergency on Jill’s house due to broken water pipe and Jack repairs it and meet Jill’s Mother (Tin-Ngoh Seung).

Next Morning Jack and Jill had another conversation and Jack ended up telling his romantic life and told Jill that she misunderstood him all the time where Grace already had a boyfriend for 7 years and cheated him which is similar case with Jill. They together had a walk talk about their love life and encouraging each other which they had small affection toward each other. At the restaurant Jill was happy for Jack because Grace visited him and they have a passionate kiss while Jill receives a gift from Chi On which made both Jack and Jill smoothly in their love life but deep inside them they want more about their love life. They respectively had a talk with their boyfriend and girlfriend to talk about their real relationship but both had a vague answer to it which made both Jack and Jill depress. They confronted each other and bravely agree to challenge their counterpart, Jack surprisely visited Grace at the airport and meet the other guy Sung Chin Yeung (Hiro Hayama).

The next day Grace with Sung visited the restaurant and ask Jack to make a wedding cake for them and Jack agreed, Jack deliver the cake and Grace took Jack and ran away from the wedding to be with him but Jack not happy and Grace know that he already change and dump Jack. Meanwhile Jill also had a hard time she saw Chi On with Moon together and told herself not to date another man again. At the restaurant on Jill birthday party Chi On told Jill that he already breakup with Moon and wanted to be with her but Jill had a emergency call and didn’t answer the question and immediately visited Jason together with Jack and Jason told them about his deceased wife on how he love her so much. The three of them had a fun time and had a drink; Jill went to Jack house and gave her a birthday present. Both knowing that they belong to each other and they became couple.


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