Cole TaylorAn American actress and model, the 27-year old Taylor Cole made her mark when she landed a starring role as Erika Spalding in the already-defunct WB series ‘Summerland’. Before venturing into acting, she traveled to different parts of the world as a professional model doing photo shoots. Although she often gets small roles, her stunning good looks is definitely her ultimate weapon for landing in various film roles and TV appearances.

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Born on April 29, 1984 in Arlington, Texas, Taylor Cole experienced a fulfilling high school life in Mirabeau B. Lamar High School. Proving to be a skilled athlete, she was a member of the high school volleyball team and traveled across the country with the Junior Olympics volleyball squad. It was during high school that she started her modeling career.

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Cole transferred to New York to pursue her modeling career. She appeared in different advertisements and commercials such as Crest Toothpaste and Old Spice. She also shot a print campaign for the popular brand Dooney & Bourke handbags.

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Her pretty face allowed her to travel to different places as a pro model, doing photo shoots in countries such as Australia, Germany, France and Italy, among other countries. When she visited her mom and stepdad Shawn Christian in Los Angeles, she was accepted in an audition. She eventually got the role of Erika Spalding for the WB show ‘Summerland’ in 2004.

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From New York, she moved to Los Angeles for the filming of the series. In the show, she enjoyed lots of time on the beach and can be seen wearing sexy bikinis most of the time. At first, she was only supposed to guest star on the pilot of the show, but she eventually became regular, appearing on 21 out of 26 episodes, from 2004 to 2005.

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Taylor has also appeared in several music videos including Ryan Cabrera’s True Music and for Papa Roach’s Scars. Recently, she starred in the music video ‘The Walk’ by Mayer Hawthorne. Apart from cameo appearances in various MVs, Taylor Cole landed numerous guest roles on popular TV series, including Supernatural (2006), CBS show NUMB3RS (2006), Do Not Disturb (2008), Cold Case (2009) just to name a few.

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In 2008, Taylor Cole landed a lead role for a direct-to-DVD horror film April Fool’s Day. She also got a guest appearance in the WB show Supernatural in the Provenance episode where she played the love interest of Sam Winchester. After her Supernatural stint, she landed a recurring role in the spin-off series CSI:Miami as Samantha Owens.

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She has been active in the entertainment industry in both big and small screens. She got various supporting roles in different films including All You’ve Got (2006) where she played as Kaitlin, alongside Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon and pop artist Ciara. Cole also starred in the films Movin G (2007), Loaded (2008), An American in China (2008) and Finish Line (2008), a made-for-TV film.

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Following her recurring role for CSI:Miami, she got a small part in the NBC TV series Heroes. Introduced in webisodes as Rachel Mills, she played as an evolved human with teleport ability. In 2009, she landed a recurring role in the series Secret Girlfriend, playing the hot neighbor Martina.

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Since September 2010, she has played Vicky Roberts, an assassin for a covert organization in the sci-fi/action series The Event. Though she has mainly focused on acting, Taylor Cole is still signed to Nous Models Management, a modeling agency based in Los Angeles. She is also a sports enthusiast, playing volleyball, karate and surfing.




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