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Born on June 12, 1980 in La Mesa, California, Carly Craig is from an Italian-Irish family, which includes her father Rocky Craig and younger brother Casey Craig, two professional baseball players. Before venturing into the big screen, she was well-known for performing in both drama and comedy in theaters. The 5’6” American actress made her mark for her starring roles in films Role Model (2008) and Hall Pass (2011).

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Carly Craig became famous on the Internet for her edgy songs as well as improved musical pieces, particularly Judy Garland Orgasm and The Daddy Song. She studied acting for several years at the Stella Adler Academy. Her life changed after a conversation with Dan Akroyd, a famous Canadian personality, when he suggested that Craig study in Second City, where she graduated.

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Craig got two roles in feature films when The Farrelly Brothers decided to include her in two comedies. Such films include Conundrum Entertainment’s production ‘National Lampoons: Bag Boy’ (2007) and Ben Stiller’s ‘The Heartbreak Kid’. In television, she played the role of Liza in David Kelley’s drama pilot ‘Halley’s Comet’.

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After several minor roles in both big and small screen, Director Wain cast her in the comedy film ‘Role Models’ (2008). She played the role of Connie, Sean William Scott’s love interest. She got more acting projects including Mike Leigh’s critically-lauded show ‘Ecstasy’, independent feature film ‘Star Sucker’, Neil LaBute’s ‘Bash’ and Rob Corddry’s ‘Children’s Hospital’.carly craig snapshot

In 2010, Craig showed off her versatility when she appeared in the independent thriller film ‘Death and Cremation’. It was the first feature film from Director Justin Steele and starred Brad Dourif and Jeremy Sumpter. Craig played the role of Shelly Fairchild, the wife of the local detective Matt Fairchild (Scott Elrod).

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In 2011, Carly Craig co-starred alongside Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson in another Farrelly Brothers comedy film, ‘Hall Pass’. The story centers on two men who get seven days off (using the Hall Pass) from their married lives to be single again. Her comedic skills are displayed in her role as the Nicotine Patch Girl.

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On stage, she was seen in The Stella Adler Theater production ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ and played the role of Honey. She frequently acts in theater and has co-written several ensembles. She has been working for the Westside Eclectic, the Improv Olympic and The Second City.

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Another opportunity for great exposure came when she became one of the opening acts of the Vanity Fair magazine. She sealed a position as a ‘Vanities Girl’ for the April 2011 edition of the magazine. Dubbed one of the Actresses to Watch, she followed many young and talented starlets like Mila Kunis, Leighton Meester, Schuley Fisk and Kristen Bell.

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Due to Carly Craig’s perfect comedic timing in film, TV and theater, she is now becoming one of the fast-rising stars in Hollywood. With this, she was featured inside Maxim USA’s March 2011 issue with a 3-page inside scoop about her. In the magazine, the native Californian reveals her naughty side in a sexy bikini photo shoot.

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For the nth time, Carly Craig teamed up again with The Farrelly Brothers on the 20th Century Fox film ‘The Three Stooges’, set for release in 2012. Craig plays the role of Mrs. Harter, the wife of Stephen Collin’s character where both set out to adopt the Stooges, played by Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopolous who play Larry, Curly and Moe respectively. The film is currently in production in Atlanta.

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