Kaleidoscope World

Directed by:

  • Eliza Garcia

Main Cast:

  • Nicole Aguilar as Kisha
  • Yassi Pressman as Elsa
  • Will Angeles as Bobby
  • Elmo Magalona
  • Diva Montelaba
  • Enzo Pineda
  • Steven Silva
  • Via Antonio as Coach Amel
  • Sef Cadayona as Lando
  • Guibo Codog as Paolo
  • Miguel Colon as Coach
  • Paula Colon as Coach
  • Alma Concepcion as Tita Carmen
  • Michelle Cornejo as Kyla
  • Randy Cura as Coach Nor
  • Deniol Dumalaog as Jolo
  • Mayto Eugenio as Dani
  • Tonicci Garcia as Boju
  • Alireza Libre as Governor Alberto
  • Danya Maigue as Roxanne


  • Drama
  • Family
  • Musical

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/12/25

Trailer Reviews:

Kaleidoscope World tells the story of two aspiring hip hop dancers, Lando (Sef Cadayona), a student working to support his family and Elsa (Yassi Pressman), a rich girl who grew up in the U.S. and living with her congressman uncle. The two are from different worlds and meet at an audition to get into prestigious dance crew that’s going to compete in the other countries. Along the way they fall in love with each other. Unfortunately for Lando and Elsa, their families eventually put them at odds with their dreams and each other. Will they make it to their dreams as their life  and love unfold their dance crumbles?

Trailer Screenshots:

Kaleidoscope World Yassi Pressman Sexy Kaleidoscope World Yassi Pressman Dance Kaleidoscope World Watch Pinoy Movies Kaleidoscope World Yassi Pressman with Sef Cadayona Kaleidoscope World Sef Cadayona Starstruck Kaleidoscope World Yassi Pressman Pretty Kaleidoscope World Sef Cadayona Kaleidoscope World Pinoy Movies

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