Kate Middleton StyleBorn in January 9, 1982 in Reading, England, Kate Middleton is the first non-aristocratic commoner married to a prince for the past 350 years, after Anne Hyde wed to James II in 1660. Despite that, Hyde’s father was the chief adviser and Lord Chancellor of Charles II. Compared to Hyde, the 28-year old Kate is merely the daughter of a typical couple who found success by giving bags for kid’s parties.
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Middleton’s descendants are Kent builder’s laborers and Northumbrian miners. Her father, Michael Middleton is an airline office and her mother, Carole was a former British flight attendant. Her parents met while working in British Airways and begun their married life.
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Christened Catherine Elizabeth, Kate Middleton has a brother, James and younger sister, Philippa. They were brought up with an affluent upbringing, as they studied in good private schools. The younger Kate often did skiing during holidays, amateur dramatics and sports.
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The Middleton became successful from their family business ‘Party Pieces’ launched by Carole from their residence in a lovely village in Berkshire. This business, which eventually made the family into multi-millionaires, gave their children entry to the higher social circles. It has been found that their company was one of the pioneer establishments that used the Internet for mail order selling as well as kid models for their early catalogues.
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Kate Middleton met Prince William in 2001 when both attended the University of St. Andrews. Their royal romance started around 2003 but the two kept the relationship private for several years, even agreed to avoid holding hands or sitting together in public. Having no real disruptions from media, Kate successfully graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Art History with honors.
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After completing her degree, Kate worked for Party Pieces. In November 2006, she landed a position as a part-time accessories buyer assistant for the clothing company Jigsaw. Later on, it was discovered that she resigned to study portrait photography.
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In 2008, Kate Middleton started First Birthdays, a sister brand of Party Pieces. Part of her work includes marketing, photography, catalogue designing and production. She usually enjoys arts like painting and photography and recreational sports like tennis, sailing, walking and swimming.
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The media speculations on her relationship with Prince William of Wales did not cease. She even became tabloid favorite after it was announced in 2006 that she would be given 24-hour security provided from the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department. Because of this security service, speculations of engagement arose, but it did not occur.
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In 2007, the couple shortly broke up after both find struggling to have time together as the prince continued his army career. Despite that, they came back together after a few months. In 2010, Kate had been working on venturing in bakery business with brother, James, who owned The Cake Kit Company.
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On November 2010, the couple publicly announced their engagement. The royal wedding, in April 29, 2011, took place at Westminster Abbey in London, with Kate wearing a dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Shortly prior to the wedding, Queen Elizabeth granted Kate Middleton the title of Catherine, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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