Bride For Rent Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

The pinoy movie called “Bride for Rent” has earn more than 20 Million pesos on its 1st opening show. This is a romantic and comedy type movie starring with the leading girl named Kim Chiu and leading guy named Xian Lim, in just over a week, it has hit close to a 200 Million pesos earning!

Bride For Rent Kim Chiu and Xian Lim

The movie “Bride for Rent” was directed by Mae Czarina Cruz, it was consider to be the most awaited movie in the year 2014 in the Philippines. The love team (Kim and Xian) was 1st introduced in the TV series called “My Binondo Girl”. The show was a big in the Philippines and now the love team is considered to be the most bankable love teams in the Philippines Showbiz.

Kim Chiu

Because of being in demand, the love team was invited to be guested in talk show “Buzz ng Bayan”. The love team also use this chance to promote their new movie, fans and supporters are all going wild and there are only 3 lucky guest to join the talk show and ask some questions. Kim Chiu had revealed that last Christmas she gave Xian Lim a carpet for his Christmas gift. While Xian gave Kim 2 gifts, the 1st gift was a shoe, but the second wasn’t revealed to the public. Kim also admitted that Xian visited her in Kim’s house on Christmas Eve and stay for dinner.

Xian Lim

There was an interesting conversation about what part in the movie is your favorite scene. Kim said it was in the audition scene because of the many alibis. “Kung ano ang lumabas sa bibig ni direk, iyon ang sasagutin ko. Iyon ang gagawin ko.” – I will do whatever the director told me to do

As for Xian, the scene where Kim said, “Don’t you dare fall in love with me.”

The host asked Xian what will you do if you really did fallen for Kim? Kim reacted and said to Xian: “Seriously, Xian, don’t you dare fall in love with me!” But Xian calmly answered, “I can’t help but fall in love with you.”

The show ended with an exciting moments, people are expecting more and more to the love team. Fans are asking each other, will Kim and Xian be official? When will the new movie release?

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