Lives in Flames is a Hong Kong movie where Alan (Mr.’s vocalist Alan Po) was fired again from his job for the fifth time in two years and having hard time to find suitable job for him which he doesn’t know what exactly he wanted to do. His father wanted him to succeed the family run business a Chinese drugstore but the rebellious son refuses to follow a path set for him. Until he reunited with his high school band mate Dash (Mr.’s bassist Desmond Tam) and where Alan find outs the he really really love music.


  • Jacky Lee

Main Cast:

  • Alan Po as Alan
  • Desmond Tam as Dash
  • Quincy Tam as MJ
  • Ronny Lay as Ronny
  • Tom To as Tom
  • Mag Lam Yan-Tung as Tung
  • Alex Lam Tak-Shun
  • Jeana Ho as Dash’s Girlfriend
  • Bonnie Xian as Alan’s Younger Sister
  • Chan Wai-Man as Alan’s Father
  • Michelle Wai as Michelle
  • Linda Wong Hing-Ping as Alan’s Older Sister
  • Alan Tam Wing-Lun as Principal
  • Calvin Poon Yuen-Leung as Mr. Poon
  • Andrew Lam Man-Chung as Mr. Lam


  • Drama
  • Music

Running Time:

  • 92 mins

Release date in Hong Kong:

  • 2012/04/12


The movie start in their high school days where Alan together with his friend Dash and Alex performing in a school auditorium and after they parted their own way, Eight years later Alan having hard time to find a suitable job for him where he been fired five times in two years and being scolded by his father (Chan Wai-Man), meanwhile Dash continues to pursue his dream and working a assistant in a music studio where he tuning musical instrument for other band to perform while his real estate agent girlfriend (Jeana Ho) pays the rent.

One day at a busy streets in Hong Kong a band performing Alan and Dash meets again, Dash wanted him to the band world but Alan hesitate, Dash tours him in his studio and invited Alan to watch their small performance and introduce his band. Alan meets his old friend Alex, their guitarist MJ and lead vocalist of the band Tung (Mag Lam) as Alan watch their performance he seem interested and one time at their family own drug store he reminisce the song played by the band and was not focus and accidentally ruined some of the Chinese medicine and got scolded by his father. Alan walks away and gone to an arcade to relief his anger where he meets a guitarist Ronny and challenges him in a guitar game but Alan loses and walks away. Later at home Alan pulls out his old guitar and strums it at the rooftop where Bonnie also went to at the roof to listen and told him that his father loves him.

Next day Alan was fired at work and while going home he saw his high school crush Michelle playing piano at the mall and they had a conversation and talk about their life. Alan finally join the band and suggested to find another guitarist and Alan knows one where he met at the arcade Ronny and at first he doesn’t know how to play but by listening MJ strum he easily learn to play and join the band. Ronny bought a new guitar and while playing Alex collapse and Ronny suggested him to go to hospital but Alex refuses and tells Ronny to keep this a secret to everyone. Meanwhile Tung had a sore throat and visit Alan’s father to seek medical attention and Tung is very welcome in his family and also she misunderstood as Alan’s boyfriend but Tung also secretly like Alan.

Dash trying to contact Alex but he reject the call and Dash had no choice to rent a guitarist Tom, while the show is approaching they suggested to perform first in a crowd and they play in a nursing home which they posted in Youtube with the span of two days they attracted a lot of viewers. Dash friend offer them to play a mini show but in spite of their good voice the fans was not attracted to their song and insulted them and after Tung drink the liquor, for them to apologize instead they had a fist fight with Alan and they ended up a oral warning by the police and pay for the damages. Later all the members find ways to help Dash to pay for the damages and gave Dash a bag to his girlfriend. Meanwhile Alan buy a watch for upcoming birthday gift to Michelle but instead Alan failed to give cause he saw a man with Michelle while Dash also find out that his girlfriend had an affair with other man which made both of them bad mood and quit in the band.

Meanwhile in a record company Alan Tam, Calvin Poon and Andrew Lam is seeking a new talent and suggested a band instead of solo singer and offer Dash to compose a song for them. Dash contacted again his members but Alex’s mom calls him first that Alex passes away and she gives a piece of note that Alex composes for the band. The group united again and continue their show before the day of the show they settle first their own problems, for Alan he confess to his father that he loves him, to Michelle he gives the birthday present and thank her that because of her he started to sing again and to Tung he will wait her for her recovery and told her that he will wait for her to return to the band.  They perform in the show and were a great one and in the end of the movie the band perform in Hong Kong Coliseum which they been discovered by Alan Tam.


Lives in Flames Jeana Ho Lives in Flames Alan Po and Chan Wai-Man Lives in Flames Mag Lam Lives in Flames Michelle Wai Lives in Flames Bonnie Xian Lives in Flames Mr. Band Lives in Flames Ronny Lay, Desmond Tam, Alan Po Lives in Flames Alan Po Lives in Flames Mr. Hong Kong Band Lives in Flames Calvin Poon, Alan Tam and Andrew Lam

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