• Wenn V. Deramas

Main Cast:

  • Maricel Soriano as Clara del Valle
  • Eugene Domingo as Minerva Capistrano
  • Billy Crawford as Elwood del Valle
  • Andi Eigenmann as Rina Capistrano – del Valle
  • Candy Pangilinan as Gracia
  • Divina Valencia as Lola Maria
  • Luz Valdez as Lola Juanita
  • Mel Martinez as Liio
  • Atak as Wedding Priest
  • Eagle Riggs as A Wedding Coordinator
  • Joey Paras as Brunette
  • Charles Yulo
  • Paul Jake Castillo
  • Karen Dematera as Karen
  • Tess Antonio as A Wedding Coordinator
  • Vince de Jesus
  • Eri Neeman as Police
  • Jeff Luna as Jimboy
  • Cristine Reyes as Tindera
  • Christian Vasquez as Love of Minerva and Clara
  • Andrea Brillantes as Young Rina
  • Calvin Joseph Gomez as Young Elwood
  • Jason Francisco as Fisherman


  • Romance
  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/09/18

Trailer Reviews:

Momzillas is about the two mothers Clara (Maricel Soriano and Minerva (Eugene Domingo) whose children Elwood (Billy Crawford) and Rina (Andi Eigenmann) respectively and fallen in love with each other and planning to get married. But unfortunately their mothers have a bitter history, when Minerva’s former husband cheated on her with Clara. When they met again at their children’s betrothal, Rina and Elwood plans are thrown into disarray and their mothers swear that there will be no wedding. The young couple tries to get them reconcile by setting up their mothers in a locked room on a yacht during their bridal shower. But it turned into disaster when the yacht was destroyed by a storm and when they woke up they end up on deserted island. Then followed the adventures or the combative mothers as they struggled to survive a hostile island.

 Trailer Screenshots:

Momzillas Maricel Soriano Diamond Star Momzillas Eugene Domingo Comedy Momzillas Eugene Domingo with Maricel Soriano Momzillas Andi Eigenmann with Billy Crawford Momzillas Billy Crawford Handsome Momzillas Eugene Domingo Rough Diamond Star Momzillas Maricel Soriano with Eugene Domingo Momzillas Andi Eigenmann Beautiful

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