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An Australian actress, TV host and model, Nicky Whelan was born in Victoria, Australia in 1983. Nicky is the granddaughter of AFL Brownlow medalist, Marcus Whelan. However, she is best known for her portrayal of Pepper Steiger on the Australian TV series “Neighbors”.

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Before working on several soap operas in Australia, Nicky was already a model and host of the popular children’s network, Nickelodeon. It was here where Nicky really got a taste of show business and found out that she really loved being in the spotlight. Her passion for her work then paid off as she was voted as one of the channel’s two favorite hosts.

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After her Nickelodeon stint, Whelan continued to be a TV host in several Australian shows. She then had a taste of her first regular TV hosting gig with “Coxy’s Big Break”. The show remains one of Nicky’s favorite hosting stints as it got her to travel to different places around Australia.

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In 2005, Nicky became the host of “Melbourne Woman”, which tackled the reality social scene of Melbourne including tips and advice on fashion, health, fitness and real estate. She then became a host of Night Racing on Mooney Valley for eight years. Soon enough, Nicky was one of Australia’s most promising hosts as she was constantly asked to present awards and host several special events, functions and interviews.

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Nicky became even more popular with her first acting stint as Chrissie on Russell Coight’s “Celebrity Challenge”. The show is actually a spinoff to “All Aussie Adventures”, which aired on Network Ten. Nicky was then given nationwide recognition for portraying the fictional character.

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By 2007, Nicky wanted to expand her Australian nationwide fame to the global level by going to the United States. Here, she made an appearance on “The Show Biz Show” with David Spade. But her stint on the show did not only help her career but her love life as well as she and Spade became romantically linked with each other soon after the show.

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For awhile, Nicky put her Hollywood commitments on hold to make a special appearance in Harrow, London to give support to sustainable transport initiatives with an aim to improve the environment. In addition, she helped promote “It’s Up to All of Us”, by posing for the advocacy campaign also done in Harrow. It was here where Whelan’s dedication and love for the environment showed as she was willing to put her career on hold to do her part in helping the environment.

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Due to her worldwide popularity, Nicky became a leading choice for an upcoming Bond film which was in the works at the time. However, it seemed that the Bond film was never really meant for her as she found greater opportunities elsewhere. Nicky was then cast to play Pepper Steiger on the British soap opera “Neighbors” which even widened her worldwide fame.

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Soon enough, Nicky was ready to make her big screen acting debut. She starred in “Hollywood and Wine” with her hubby David Spade. She also appeared in the movie “Halloween H2”.

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Not long after, Whelan appeared in the final season of “Scrubs” as an Australian medical student named Maya. In 2011, she starred alongside Owen Wilson, Christina Applegate and more in the movie “Hall Pass”. Although Nicky Whelan has already proven herself to be a great host, she is already on her way to proving herself as an incredible actress as well.

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