Directed by:

  • Joseph Israel Laban

Main Cast:

  • Nadine Samonte as Dolores
  • Jake Cuenca as Moises
  • Anita Linda as Loleng
  • Manny Castañeda
  • Mikael Liwag
  • Barbara Miguel as Krista
  • Arche Adamos
  • Renaissance Tuason
  • Isadora Villasquez
  • Mariah Fernandez
  • Blair Arellano
  • Derick Cabrido


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/07/26

Trailer Reviews:

Nuwebe is inspired by a true story of one of the youngest mothers in the Philippine History; it deals with the ugly sins of society-rape, incest and child’s journey to transcend her trauma. It tells the story of Krista (Barbara Miguel), a nine year old girl who got pregnant from the sexual abuse by her own father. What follow is a story of struggle and renewal.  Despite her situation, she refuses to see herself as a victim and she demonstrate an incredible level of determination and resilience to overcome the nightmare of her past. Her mother discovers of her father’s crime but on the other hand her mother is torn between the love for her and her love for husband.

Trailer Screenshots:

Nuwebe Barbara Miguel Film Nuwebe Anita Linda Nuwebe Barbara Miguel Nuwebe

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