Overheard 2 is a sequel of 2009 movie Overheard which it is sequel-in-name-only. This movie is about inside trading on stock market where there are highly profile businessmen called the Landlord Club join forces to manipulate the stock market but one of the member of the club took the blame and his son wanted to take revenge for his death.


  • Alan Mak
  • Felix Chong

Main Cast:

  • Ching Wan Lau as Manson Law
  • Louis Koo as Jack Ho
  • Daniel Wu as Joe Szema
  • Yi Huang as Emily
  • Michelle Ye as Ho Yuen Ching
  • Kenneth Tsang as Tony Wong
  • Fung Woo as Szema Cheung
  • Ying Kwan Lok as Jim Chan
  • Wlfred Lau as Hoyt
  • Kong Ngai as Uncle Sing Wan
  • Felix Lok as Jim Chan
  • Alex Fong as Simon
  • Lisa Chiao Chiao as Mrs. Szema
  • King Man Ip as Principal


  • Action
  • Drama
  • Thriller

Running Time:

  • 121 mins

Release date in Hong Kong:

  • 2011/08/18


The movie start with the members of Landlord Club planning to manipulate the stock market including one of the member Manson Law (Ching Wan Lau) without knowing that their office already been planted plenty of surveillance camera even their phones already been bug by Joe Szema (Daniel Wu) which is the son of the eldest members of Landlord Club Szema Cheung (Fung Woo) which is already dead and Joe wanted to revenge for his father death. While the members having conversation Jim Chan (Ying Kwan Lok) told Manson that Tony Wong (Kenneth Tsang) the leader of the club is looking for him and Manson left the office with his satellite phone while driving and waiting for Tony’s call he notice that he been followed by a van which the driver is Joe until Manson successfully looses the van and answer Tony’s call but he been hit by a truck and causes a car accident. Later at the hospital being accompany by his wife Emily Kwok (Yi Huang) also his lawyer, Jack Ho (Louis Koo) a senior inspector of the security bureau arrives and investigating Manson car accident where he finds a bug on the car that is an advance military model which he suspect a terrorist activities and wanted Manson to cooperate with him and he accepted.

Jack went to Manson firm and checking every area of his office whether there is a bug attach and while observing the outside view Jack find out a suspicious house which might the terrorist view Manson’s office and before they arrive at the destination Joe attack an officer and escape and Jack pursue him in the street with a lot of people and before Joe been discover a explosion occurred which cause distraction but later Joe attack Jack and he escaped by riding a nursing home van which Mrs. Szema (Lisa Chiao Chiao) Joe mother was also there in the van with an Alzheimer’s disease and they together return to the nursing home which Joe accompany his mother.

Manson meet with other members of the club in a hotel which they usually do meeting for almost 30 years and told them that his car is bug for almost a month also his office which they assume that it is the doing of a wise guy who just wanted money after they leave Jack investigate the room with the help of hotel manager Simon (Alex Fong) and get some information how the club started. Manson first met Uncle Szema at the hotel with other members of the club where they always play cards until Szema was arrested for inside trading and Manson replaces him, Manson was loyal to his mentor Szema and gave him a cheque worth $420,000 and Szema accepted it and told Manson if he needed to cash it he will personally come to him.

Next day Jack pick up his wife Ho Yuen Ching (Michelle Ye) from prison which his personally arrested when Yuen uses her client money for trading. Later Manson receive a courier with a cell phone inside and hearing those conversation earlier with the landlord club planning to manipulate the market after hearing it Joe called Manson and threatened Manson to help him, Tony men locates Joe position and injured him but Joe manage to escape. When things getting more dangerous Manson wanted to flee together with Emily and before they going to leave Tony’s men stop them and called all the members of the club to go to Tony’s house to have a meeting when all the members arrives Tony was very angry at them because he seem betrayed and later found out that their battery have the same number written on it and Tony contacted the number and Joe answer it wanting to get some money from Tony and ask to give him 50 million shares of stocks “749” by the end of the day and transfer it to Manson firm leaving with no choice Tony agree but because of not wanting lose money Tony ask to find “749” board of directors and buy those shares.

Meanwhile, Joe made a plan where he kidnapped Jack’s wife to use Jack to sell all of his shares and he also secretly visited Manson to help him by giving the cheque where Manson gave to Szema before. Following day Manson is sweeping the shares of “749” as told which Tony knew that Joe had the majority shares of “749” shares that he can sell it at higher price and later Joe is being capture and meet with Tony. Before the markets end it is still short of 5 million shares Jack go to Manson firm and had the last 5 million shares which Joe gave it to him and Manson sell the shares and buy back which violates exchange and securities ordinance. The goal of Joe selling 50 million shares was succeed which he earn at least $100 million which made Tony angry and confess about killing his father and later kill Joe without knowing that it is being recorded by advance military bug which attach inside his arm and later found out by Jack, Tony and other members of the Landlord Club got arrested excluding Manson which not in the scene.


Overheard 2 Daniel Wu Overheard 2  Landlord Club Overheard 2 Kenneth Tsang Overheard 2 Ching Wan Lau and Yi Huang Overheard 2 Ching Wan Lau Overheard 2 Alex Fong Overheard 2 Louis Koo and Daniel Wu Overheard 2 Fung Woo Overheard 2 Landlord Club Overheard 2 Lisa Chiao Chiao

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