Directed by:

  • Lawrence Fajardo

Main Cast:

  • Nico Antonio as Jess
  • Bangs Garcia as Grace
  • John “Sweet” Lapus as Complainant
  • Art Acuña as Inspector Domingo
  • Nor Domingo as PO1 Damian
  • Jake Macapagal as SPO1 Santiago
  • Wendy Valdez as Idang
  • Susan Africa as Ester
  • Philip Nolasco as Tantan
  • Hector Macaso as Desk officer
  • Raul Morit as Prisoner
  • CJ Ramos as Kamlon
  • Jonathan Tadioan as Fiscal
  • Andy Bais as PAO Attorney
  • Ermie Concepcion as Jail Visitor
  • Ofelia Fernandez as Doctor
  • Niño Verdida as Vendor
  • Jelson Bay as Musngi


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2012/07/21

Trailer Reviews:

Posas (Shackled) opens with shots of slogan-bearing stickers tackily pasted on a police van “To serve and protect”. Jess (Nico Antonio) a notorious snatcher at Quiapo, steals the cellphone of Grace (Bangs Garcia, a call center agent. Grace seeks the help of police and unfortunately to Jess before he can fences off quickly and gets ready to spend the money the police caught him and it’s his very first time to undergo a torturous police investigation. He exposed to an environment where perversion of justice are shown in full glory. Cops used criminals for various agenda, like an asset, collector of money or assassin and Jess was eyed as a dog who is expected to do the same for his master. The justice that Grace search turns hellish nightmare for Jess and becomes a pawn in a larger system of crime.

Trailer Screenshots:

Posas Art Acuna Posas Bangs Garcia Pretty Posas Nico Antonio Posas Wendy Valdez with Nico Antonio Posas Watch Pinoy Movies Posas Bangs Garcia Hot Posas Nico Antonio Handsome

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