Quick Change

Directed by:

  • Eduardo Roy Jr.

Main Cast:

  • Mimi Juareza as Dorina Pineda
  • Jun Jun Quintana as Uno
  • Migs Cuaderno as Hiro
  • Francine Garcia as Hazel
  • Natashia Yumi asLavinia
  • Filipe Martinez as Mamu
  • Rolando Inocencio
  • Sashi Giggle as Trixie
  • Jojo Saguin
  • Shola Luna
  • Bella Zabala


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/07/27

Trailer Reviews:

Quick Change Centered on a former entertainer earning a dangerous living as a doctor in the world of the illegal cosmetic trade which is popular among transgender, women and certain portion of the male population who aspire to be beautiful physically. Dorina (Mimi Juareza) a tranny who illegally performs cosmetic surgery and operates a booming business injecting collagen into which body parts her clients wish to be change or enhance. With her sidekick Lavinia (Natasha Yumi) their goal is to gain a competitive edge at the next beauty pageant. Trouble looms when she realizes that there is something wrong with her surgery and her shaky relationship with her boyfriend only makes the situation worse.

Trailer Screenshots:

Quick Change Quick Change Mimi Juareza with Migs Cuaderno Quick Change Mimi Juareza Pretty Quick Change Mimi Juareza Quick Change Francine Garcia Sexy Quick Change Migs Cuaderno with Mimi Juareza Quick Change Jun Jun Quintana with Francine Garcia

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