Directed by:

  • Randy Santiago

Main Cast:

  • Herbert Bautista as Berto
  • Dennis Padilla as Mando
  • Long Mejia as Mulong
  • Andrew E. as Andoy
  • Ogie Alcasid as Julio
  • Joey Marquez as Don Miguel
  • Mark Gil
  • Sam Pinto
  • Ryan Bang
  • Wendy Valdez
  • RR Enriquez
  • Regine Angeles
  • Tippy Dos Santos
  • Rodjun Cruz
  • Eula Caballero
  • Karen Reyes
  • Markki Stroem
  • Ryan Boyce
  • Ya Chang
  • IC Mendoza
  • Ahwel Paz
  • Patricia Ismael
  • Lassy
  • Rufa Mae Quinto
  • Nova Villa
  • Jaime Fabregas
  • Dimples Romana
  • Cynthia Patag
  • Jay Manalo
  • Efren Reyes
  • DJ Durano
  • Roi Vinzon
  • Cherry Pie Picache
  • Janice de Belen
  • Regine Velasquez


  • Comedy

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/08/07

Trailer Reviews:

Raketeros details the adventures and misadventures of a group of middle-aged male friends- Berto (Herbert Bautista), a cable technician, Andoy (Andrew E.), a priest, Julio (Ogie Alcasid), a professional singer, Mando (Dennis Padilla), a Billiard master and Mulong (Long Mejia), the driver. Together they gather to the party by their rich friend Don Miguel (Joey Marquez) to deliver an expensive gown at his mansion. However, they get wasted at a nightclub and wakes up to find out that the car they were riding in was been car napped. It was happen that the gown was on the car and meant for the daughter of Don Miguel. The group goes looking for the dress and end up against a powerful criminal syndicate.

Trailer Screenshots:

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