Directed by:

  • Alfonso Torre III

Main Cast:

  • Paulo Avelino as Javier
  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Ailah
  • Isabelle Daza as Mara
  • John Lapus as Tito Baby
  • Raikko Mateo as Migs
  • Niño Muhlach as Mayor Diamante
  • Alex Castro as Ramil
  • Gee Canlas


  • Horror

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2015/09/23

Trailer Reviews:

Resureksyon follows the story of two sisters who has been orphaned at a very young age, Mara (Isabelle Daza), who work in abroad and her sister Ailah (Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young woman who’s left to fend for herself and her nephew Migs (Raikko Mateo). In order to support them, Mara gets to work as an Overseas Filipino Worker and to have a better life but only to return some months later in a casket. During her wake Mara raises in her coffin, at first her family is very happy to have Mara alive again but soon enough they realized that the resurrected Mara is not the Mara they know before.  Mara reveals her true nature as a vicious vampire and their whole town are terror in fear.

Trailer Screenshots:

Resureksyon Watch Pinoy Movies Resureksyon Horror Movies Resureksyon Paulo Avelino Resureksyon Jasmine Curtis-Smith Resureksyon Isabelle Daza Resureksyon Raikko Mateo Resureksyon Tagalog Movies

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