Secret is a 2007 Taiwan movie about a college students form a romantic relationship in a mysterious way. Ye Xiang Lun (Jay Chou) meet Lu Xiao Yu (Gwei Lun-Mei) a girl from 20 years ago where he is still not yet born and they fell in love until Xiang Lun learns the mystery about the girl and try to be with her till the end of time.


  • Jay Chou

Main Cast:

  • Jay Chou as Ye Xiang Lun
  • Gwei Lun-Mei as Lu Xiao Yu
  • Anthony Wong as Chiu
  • Alice Tzeng as Qing Yi
  • Devon Song as Aba
  • Huang Junlang as Alang
  • Yuhao Zhan as Yu Hao


  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Music

Running Time:

  • 101 mins

Release Date in Taiwan:

  • 2007/07/27


The movie started with Ye Xiang Lun (Jay Chou) who is a music student majoring in piano where he been transfer to Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School by the liking of his father Chiu (Anthony Wong) together with his classmates Qing Yi (Alice Tzeng) touring him around the campus. As he wanders around he pass through an old piano room and hears a mysterious melody where he accidentally meet Lu Xiao Yu (Gwei Lun-Mei) another piano major which he fell in love at first sight and the two develop a relationship that is clouded by mystery. When Xiang Lun asks her about the song she was playing, she told him that it is a secret that cannot be told.

Next morning Xiang Lun playing piano in the old piano room and meet two rugby member Alang(Huang Junlang) and Aba (Devon Song) and they became friends. Meanwhile the two continue develop their relationship where they eat together and even Xiang Lun takes her a ride home. Xiang Lun have a piano duel with his classmate Yu Hao (Yuhao Zhan) also called Prince of the Piano cause there is no melody that he can’t play, the two shows their skills eventually Xiang Lun won the battle and as promise Yu Hao gave him a piano piece that is very rare and hard to find and gave it to Xiao Yu. Later they went to a music store where Xiang Lun listening to his favourite song without knowing it is also her favourite song and kisses him, Xiao Yu invited Xiang Lun to her house where he discover that she has an asthma which prevent her to go classes regularly. They went to a piano room where Xiao Yu teaches him the one music piece which he wanted to learn and told not to play in the old piano room because Qing Yi practice there but one time while Xiang Lun playing at the old piano room accidentally kisses Qing Yi which saw by Xiao Yu and she was heartbroken and disappear for 5 months only to return on graduation day to listen to the music that he promise to her and disappear again. Later Xiang Lun discover that Xiao Yu turns out to be a student in the same school 20 years ago where she was popular and very cared for in the school especially Xiang Lun’s father who was her teacher.

During her absence at home, her story spread and everyone believe that she was mentally ill including her mother. Remembering that the piano room will be destroy on the graduation day she tried time travelling again to see Xiang Lun one last time but she spotted that the bracelet of Qing Yi is on Xiang Lun wrist and believing that Xiang Lun belongs to Qing Yi and returns to her own time with a heavy heart and got an asthma attack while writing on a desk to someone she loves and dies. In the present Xiang Lun saw the message on the desk and tries to reply to that message but eventually he doesn’t know if the message was saw by Xiao Yu. Later Xiang Lun visit her place and only find empty room and Xiao Yu’s mother finally realizes that Xiao Yu was not lying that he meet someone he loves true time travel.

After Xiang Lun knowing the truth behind he rushes to the old piano room where he realizes that the piece played in the old piano room had the power to time travel depending on the tempo at which it is played. While Xiang Lun’s father also saw the rare piano piece where Xiao Yu gave it 20 years ago for safekeeping and a secret message for Xiang Lun, Meanwhile Xiang Lun enters the old piano room where it is under demolition while the building is slowly demolish he starts to play the secret piece which Xiao Yu teaches him just before the building completely destroy Xiang Lun travels back 20 years ago and stays forever in the past with Xiao Yu.


Secret Jay Chou and Alice Tzeng Secret Gwei Lun-Mei and Alice Tzeng Secret Jay Chou and Anthony Wong Secret  Gwei Lun-Mei and Jay Chou Secret Gwei Lun-Mei Secret Huang Junlang and Jay Chou Secret Jay Chou and Gwei Lun-Mei Secret Alice Tzeng Secret Huang Junlang and Yuhao Zhan Secret Gwei Lun-Mei and Jay Chou

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