The Diplomat Hotel

Directed by:

  • Christopher Ad. Castillo

Main Cast:

  • Arthur Acuña
  • Gretchen Barretto as Victoria
  • Brooke Chantelle as Heidi
  • Mon Confiado
  • Joel Torre
  • Sue Prado
  • Nico Antonio
  • Abe Pagtama
  • Sarah Gaugler
  • Chanel Latorre
  • Alvin Anson
  • Karen Navarette Anton
  • Miel Riley Ribon
  • Evangeline Flora
  • Mark Anthony Marquez
  • Michelle Panis
  • Jennylyn Samiana
  • Whammy Alcazaren
  • Carl Alexander Acosta
  • Luchie Maranan
  • Mica Panis


  • Mystery
  • Drama
  • Horror

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2013/09/04

 Trailer Reviews:

The Diplomat Hotel is about story of Victoria Lansang (Gretchen Barretto) a famous TV reporter who has been requested to mediate a hostage situation but something went wrong and in live telecast the hostages are killed while Victoria underwent psychological problems. After a year, she’s back on her work but the network where she works is not confident to reinstate her. However the only assignment she can get is a fluff piece of a hotel in Baguio named The Diplomat Hotel and she must make a documentary on the abandoned building infamously known for its dark past and it’s haunting. Looking for redemption, she arrives there with her crew and a person with a connection to the hotel.  As the film started rolling, Victoria and her crew begin to encounter and experience something strange as they slowly explore the darkness inside the hotel that will eventually change their lives.

 Trailer Screenshots:

The Diplomat Hotel The Diplomat Hotel Gretchen Barretto Hot The Diplomat Hotel Watch Pinoy Movies The Diplomat Hotel Pinoy Movies The Diplomat Hotel Gretchen Barretto

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