The Internship is an American Comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. The film starts with Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) a great salesman of watches who loses their job when their employer goes out of business due to rapid growth of digital devices. Billy together with Nick then applies for an internship job at Google where may lead them to have a permanent job, when they arrive at Google headquarters their problem arrive when there is a lot of other young, bright and tech savvy geniuses also wanted to land a job of Google which lead to their odds but both Billy and Nick never give up and together they find ways to reach their goals on landing a job at Google.


  • Shawn Levy

Main Cast:

  • Vince Vaughn as Billy McMahon
  • Owen Wilson as Nick Campbell
  • Rose Byrne as Dana
  • Aasif Mandvi as Mr. Chetty
  • Dylan O’Brien as Stuart Twombly
  • Josh Brener as Lyle
  • Tiya Sircar as Neha
  • Tobit Raphael as Yo-Yo Santos
  • Max Minghella as Graham Hawtrey
  • Josh Gad as Headphones
  • Jessica Szohr as Marielena


  • Comedy

Running Time:

  • 119 mins

Release Date in United States:

  • 2013/06/07

Trailer Reviews:

Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn) are great salesman of watches who loses their jobs due to rapid growth of digital items where kids using their smart phones instead of wearing watch to check time which lead them jobless. Billy saw an internship program at Google were they decided to try for it that may lead them to have a permanent job, when they arrive at Google headquarters their problem arrives their is a lot of interns want to have a job on Google were they are all young, bright and tech savvy geniuses which lead to their odds but both Nick and Billy didn’t give up and together they find ways to reach their goals on landing a job at Google.


The movie started with Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) where they are a good salesman of watches where they meet with their old friend Bob also one of their biggest client and offering a new design of watch without knowing that their company already close. Next day they went to their employer and told them that only few people using watch all are using their smart phone to see time. Later that night Billy search for a job and saw an opening as an internship at Google and went to Nick where he is currently working as a salesman of mattresses which Billy persuade him to take a shot at Google. Together they went to a library and rented a computer which they got interview online with their unconventional answer and despite lack of relevant experience they still got accepted.

At Google headquarters they find the atmosphere very unique like automated cars with no one’s driving also at their cafeteria all foods are complimentary which Billy take advantage of it. Another intern Graham Hawtrey (Max Minghella) aggressively bullies Billy and Nick which their age is way beyond them and Mr. Chetty (Aasif Mandiv) the head of the internship program also expresses his doubts about the older men’s abilities. Mr. Chetty told all the interns to form a group of six where they will spend their summer competing with other interns and only one team will have a permanent job at Google. Billy and Nick had a hard time finding other members who their groups are form by left over. Stuart Twombly (Dylan O’Brien) who always engrossed in his phone; Yo-Yo Santos (Tobit Raphael) who was homeschooled by his asian mother; Neha Patel (Tiya Sircar) who is a nerd kink and Lyle Spaulding (Josh Brener) who is their team leader and constantly tries to act hip in order to hide his insecurities. Meanwhile the team have task focused on debugging which Stuart, Yo-Yo, and Neha sees Billy and Nick useless and send them away by telling them to find professor Charles Xavier for the debugging code which later they found out they have been fooled. But later during a game of Muggle Quidditch against Graham’s team, Billy rallies his team to a comeback that restores their confidence with them but unfortunately they loss.

The team are ask to develop an apps which Billy suggested an apps that puts picture via online without knowing that the apps is already exist and also a very popular app in the world. Billy and Nick suggested their teams in a wild night out and gone to a strip club for unwind, they started to see the real world where Yo-Yo break out of his shell by drinking alcohol and receiving lap dance, Neha admits to Billy that, despite her interest in Cosplay, she has no real-world experience and is nervous while Lyle saw one of the dancer Marielena (Jessica Szohr) also a dance instructor at Google on whom he had develop a crush and Billy encouraged Lyle to approach her. She is charmed by him but another client approaches her and a fight breaks out. Before sunrise Stuart also learn to appreciate things in his surroundings and Lyle’s drunken antics inspire the team to develop an Apps where they need a password before they can use their phone while drunk and they won the task by getting the most downloads.

Meanwhile, Nick has been flirting with Dana (Rose Byrne) an executive in Google where he had a little success and begins to attend technical presentation to impress her. The team had another task to answer phone calls on technical support hotline which they help other customer to solve their problem, the only way for Nick and Billy are to study. Billy had a hard time understanding the technical and where he meets another Google employee Headphones (Josh Gad) who is always wearing headphones with no sound to have a peaceful mind and told Billy that the way he interact with people are special. He tutors Billy on the technical information. While Dana agree to have a date with Nick together they had a fun night and at the end of the evening. During the team task Billy was well prepared he successfully answer their entire clients problem but their teams received a score of zero due to fail instructions that Billy had done and feels sorry for the team that he let them down and leave Google to pursue a new sales opportunity with his former boss. Their final tasks is a sales challenge by offering largest possible company to advertise with Google, Nick told the team that Billy already left and the team declare that they don’t want to do the task without him, Nick convince Billy and leads the team to close down a sales by showing a local pizzeria owner how Google can connect them to improve their business.

The team arrive in the final assembly with special introduction by dancing and giving away pizza to everyone. Mr. Chetty recognizes that the pizzeria is not a large business but it’s potential is now limitless because it has embraced technology. Graham protested but Headphones reacted who turns out to be the head of Google Search and Billy, Nick, Neha, Sturat, Yo-Yo declares the winner as they departed each of them found the way of life in the real world as Lyle seeing with Marielena, Stuart and Neha have formed a romantic connection and Yo-Yo asserts himself to his mother

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