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American actress Eva Amurri Martino was born on March 15, 1985 in New York City. Her father is Franco Amurri, an Italian director. Her mother is veteran actress Susan Sarandon.

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Many people are surprised to find out that the poised beautiful lady used to be a tomboy whose hair was trimmed by her mother when she was younger. She was raised by her mother with discipline; when she was young, she was not allowed to eat food with high sugar content. Whenever she attempted to to bring in sweets like cookies and pastries, her mother would take them away.

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From her growing up years, Eva Amurri has already been exposed to acting and show business, owing to the nature of her parents’ work. Aside from this, her paternal grandfather and aunt were television writers, which increased her exposure to show business. She practically grew up surrounded by people from the movie industry.

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Eva Amurri appeared in the 2002 movie The Banger Sisters, which starred her mother Susan Sarandon. Prior to this, she had small roles in a number of movies including Bob Roberts, Dead Man Walking, Anywhere But Here, and Earthly Possessions. Bob Roberts and Dead Man Walking were both directed by her stepfather Tim Robbins while Anywhere But Here stars her mother Susan Sarandon.

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She also had a guest appearance in the seventh season of the hit sitcom Friends where she appeared together with her mother. She was given a role in Californication’s third season, portraying the character of Jackie, who was a student and a stripper. Her character became the love interest of Hank Moody.

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The actress also guested in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. She likewise guested in an episode of popular TV series House M.D., playing the role of Nicole. She had other minor appearances in TV shows as well.

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Even though she came from a prominent family from Hollywood, the young actress was content to try to find her own way in the industry when she became of age to choose a direction for herself. For instance, she chose to go to Brown University to take up Italian Studies. She did this even though she had the potential to achieve superstardom.

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In 2004, she had a minor role in Mandy Moore’s movie Saved! The movie also starred Macaulay Culkin and Jena Malone. She was able to have a leading role in the 2008 comedy movie Middle of Nowhere, and she also had a starring role in the movie Isolation.

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On October 29, 2011, the actress married Kyle Martino, who used to be a Major League soccer player and now works as a broadcaster for Fox Soccer. The couple got married in Charleston, South Carolina. The wedding was officiated by Helen Prejean, a sister from the Roman Catholic church who is staunchly against the death penalty, and whom Susan Sarandon portrayed in the movie Dead Man Walking.

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Eva Amurri has a unique beauty that captivates a lot of people. In 1998, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe took a portrait of her. That picture is now one of the permanent collections of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.


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