The Strangers

Directed by:

  • Lawrence Fajardo

Main Cast:

  • Arthur Acuña as Kapitan Tasyo
  • Nico Antonio as Toning
  • Janice de Belen as Paloma
  • Enchong Dee as Dolfo
  • Jaime Fabregas as Lolo Pete
  • Enrique Gil as Max
  • Mark Gil(Uncredited)
  • Tanya Gomez as Corazon
  • JM De Guzmanas Crispin
  • Rita De Guzman
  • Spanky Manikan as the albularyo
  • Julia Montes as Pat
  • Cherry Pie Picache as Evelyn
  • Johnny Revilla as Roy
  • Dante Balois as Amok Old Man


  • Action
  • Drama
  • Horror

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2012/12/25

Trailer Reviews:

The story of this filipino movies called start from “The Strangers” follows a family, the couple (Cherry Pie Picache and Johnny Revilla) and their twin kids Pat (Julia Montes) and Max (Enrique Gil) who is celebrating their 18th birthday to a remote town called Murcia. They were travelling together with their Lolo Pete (Jaime Fabregas) and Paloma (Janice de Belen), a temporary caregiver of their grandfather. Their vacation takes a turn to the worse, when they experience a car trouble in the middle of nowhere and the family splits up to find any help for to fix the car. The rest of the family go on shelter in the village in the middle of the jungle with mysterious people led by Kapitan Tasyo (Arthur Acuna), his wife Corazon (Tanya Gomez) and their son Crispin (JM De Guzman). The villager warns the family about a young man named Dolfo (Enchong Dee) who they suspect to be an aswang. But then could they survive the next day as the aswangs begins to attack that night?

 Trailer Screenshots:

The Strangers Watch Pinoy Movies The Stranger Enchong Dee Hot The Stranger Filipino Movies The Stranger Julia Montes with Enchong Dee The Stranger Pinoy Movies The Stranger Tagalog Movies

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