The Warring States is a Chinese history movie about a rival strategist Sun Bin(Sun Hong-lei) and Pang Juan(Francis Ng) trying to proved who is the best among themselves in winning their battles.


  • Chen Jin

Main Cast:

  • Sun Honglei as Sun Bin
  • Jing Tian as Tian Xi
  • Francis Ng as Pang Juan
  • Kim Hee-sun as Pang Fei
  • Kiichi Nakai as King of Qi
  • Jiang Wu as Tian Ji


  • Drama
  • Action & Adventure

Running Time:

  • 130 mins

Release date in China:

  • 2011/04/12

The movie is set during the Era of Warring States which is from 475 B.C. to 221 B.C. Tian Xi is the junior general of Qi state that Sun Bin fell in love with due to her beautiful eyes. The story begins with Tian Xi invading Wei state ang won the battle, the general of Wei accidentally meet Sun Bin the strategist disciple of Guiguzi. The general explain to Sun Bin how they lose on battle and if he can help them win their next battle, the troops of Qi is thousand times more than Wei, the general almost lost his confidence but Sun Bin got an idea he asked the general to removed the clothes of the dead soldier of Qi and disguised as Qi soldier, when the solar eclipse comes the solider of Qi will be distracted and that’s the time we invade them, Wei successfully won the battle and Tian Xi escape and survived. After the lose Tian Xi trying to find Sun Bin to help her fathers due to failure in battle, after Tian Xi finding Sun Bin she introduce him to the King of Qi and Qi King offer him to become defense secretary of Qi state but Sun Bin rejected he only want to be a guest of the Tian’s.

The General of Wei reported to Pang Juan that they won the battle and a good strategist help them after hearing it Pang Juan told them that the one who help them actually his brother Sun Bin both disciple of Guiguzi. There is a meeting among the state and all kings where invited both Pang Juan and Sun Bin are in that occasion after that day the Qi king meet Pang Juan and wondering how they lost their border-town (Pang Juan and his younger sister Pang Fei were sent by Qi to become a spy of Wei) but the Qi king noticed that Pang Juan had a change of heart and warn Tian Xi. Pang Juan getting jealous of Sun Bin cause everyone noticed him and tell Qi king that he want’s to take Sun Bin to Wei state exchange of the border-town and the Qi king agreed.

On the Wei state Pang Juan being jealous of Sun Bin because of his good strategist in battle and he is wandering if their master had taught him everything, he let Sun Bin write down all their master teachings. Pang Fei knows the bad intention of his brother so he set a way to let Sun Bin return to Qi state but eventually failed. The Wei state told Pang Juan to kill Sun Bin but instead Pang Juan told that if we killed a good talent man no talent man would ever come to them instead remove the kneecap and become a slave of Wei the king agreed. Tian Xi got the rumors and Qi king immediately gave orders to rescue Sun Bin, with the help of Pang Fei Sun Bin where rescue, Sun Bin become the chief military of Qi state and led the battle between Pang Juan to see who among of them where the superior one in leading a battle.


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