The Way Home is a heart-warming story about a boy who having a vacation in a rural village being takes care by his grandmother which he didn’t respect at all until he felt the unconditional love and care of his grandmother.


  • Lee Joeng-hyang

Main Cast:

  • Kim Eul-boon as Grandmother
  • Yu Seung-ho as Sang-woo
  • Dong Hyo-hee as Sang-woo’s Mother
  • Min Kyung-hyun as Cheil-e
  • Yim Eun-kyung as Hae Yeon


  • Drama

Running Time:

  • 80 mins

Release Date in South Korea:

  • 2002/04/05


The movie starts with Sang Woo (Yu Seung-ho) together with his mother (Dong Hyo-hee) boarding on a bus to visit his grandmother in a far away rural village while on the bus Sang Woo was annoy due to noisy rural passengers inside which will not happen when in a urban town. After arriving at his grandmother place Sang Woo’s Mother left him to live with his 75-year-old mute but not deaf  grandmother (Kim Eul-boon) while she look for a work on the city. Sang Woo first time meeting his grandmother which he give didn’t give respect at all and always call her grandmother retarded due to his muteness, while having dinner her grandmother cook a meal for him but he just ate his can food instead also Sang Woo’s Grandmother gave him some candies also were neglected by him. During the night Sang Woo’s Grandmother sewing her clothes while Sang Woo just playing with his brick game without even looking at his grandmother, later that night Sang Woo had a stomach aches which he needed to go to a toilet but due to her grandmother old places there is no toilet around instead her grandmother gave him only a small pot for him to use and because Sang Woo only a child he is scared at night and without respect commanding her grandmother to look at him.

Next morning, his grandmother starts another day going downhill to get clean water and washes her clothes at the river also she tends some melons to sell it at the market. One of the grandmother neighbors Cheil-e (Min Kung-hyun) visited her and gives her some fresh apples and Cheil-e want to befriend with Sang-woo but also neglected. Later that night Sang Woo’s Grandmother was sewing her old pair of shoes which the needle had only less thread remaining which needed to put another thread and ask her grandson to put the thread on it with a unhappy look at his face he just do it unwillingly. Later while playing his brick game the battery runs out and he ask his grandmother for money for a new ones but she is poor and had no money to buy a battery. Selfishly he teases her and in intolerant manner Sang Woo breaks a pot, throw away his grandmother old pair of shoes and draws graffiti on her house wall. Even without the pair of shoes she still gets water downhill with only her bare foot. When Sang Woo fails to get money from his grandmother, Sang Woo steals her ornament hairpin to trade for batteries he then goes to a shop to trade it eventually the owner of the shop were Sang Woo’s Grandmother friend and hit him in the head and sends him home.

One day Sang Woo demanded a Kentucky Fried Chicken but her Grandmother don’t understand instead he act as a chicken to be able to understand by his grandmother and literally his grandmother understand he wanted a “chicken” she takes a melon and trudges off to market to trade for a chicken while she is away Sang Woo was very happy that he will be able to eat fried chicken she bid farewell and erase the graffiti on the house, bringing back a live one in the rain she prepares a homemade boiled chicken instead of fried chicken. When Sang Woo wakes up he sees the boiled chicken he get angry throw the food away and didn’t eat but later at night he finishes the food because he is hungry. The next morning Sang Woo’s Grandmother were sick because of the effort she done to be able to buy a chicken and Sang Woo take cares of his grandmother by wrapping her in additional blankets and serving the remaining chicken.

Sang Woo get up early and goes with his grandmother to sell the melons on the market while seeing her grandmother vending on the sidewalks persuading passers to buy her vegetables and had a little change of hearts. After a long day on the market she took Sang Woo on a shop to buy him a new rubber shoes and buy him noodles to eat and his grandmother just drinking some water. When they are about to board the bus Sang Woo wanted some Choco Pie and she goes to a shop where the shop run by her elderly friend who had a bad knee and give Sang Woo Grandmother plenty of Choco Pie and refuses to take any money, instead she give her melon. When Sang Woo grandmother returns to the bus Sang Woo get the Choco Pie and wanted to seat beside the girl he like Hae Yeon (Yim Eun-kyung). Sang Woo grandmother tried to reach the unsold melons to Sang Woo but he refuses till the bus leaves. Sang Woo waited her grandmother to return and wondering why it took so long to arrive home. He then realises that his grandmother has walked back from town carrying the unsold melons which Sang Woo feel pity and immediately carry the melons from her grandmother and put the last piece of Choco Pie in her bag.

Hae Yeon invited Sang Woo to play together and Sang Woo is very happy packing his toys to trade for a teddy bear while packing Sang Woo’s Grandmother wrapping the brick game and Sang Woo call her an idiot without knowing there is surprise in it. Next day preparing to play with Hae Yeon he had a haircut cut by his grandmother and Sang Woo did not like it instead he wear bandana, he successfully traded all of his toys except the brick game which already wrapped and put in his pocket, on the way to play he had an accident and had injured his knee he saw his wrapped brick game which had a money in it he cried because he feels bad what he had done to her Grandmother. Eventually Sang Woo grows to love his Grandmother just as Sang Woo’s mother writes letter to pick him back to Seoul, Sang Woo was worried about his grandmother that she is unable to speak and write then he teaches her to write two sentences “I Miss You” and “I Am Sick” when she practices without much success he instead tell her to send a blank letter if she is sick and he will know if it is from her. Sang Woo does what he can while with her by tread as many needle as he can before he leaves. Sang Woo had a change of heart toward his grandmother when the bus leaves and he leaps to the back window to wave his tearful farewells. In the end his grandmother still leave in her old house and we see there are many Sang Woo’s postcard in the house which on the back there is a lot of drawings like his grandmother smiling and some are of his grandmother got sick. He also writes “I Miss You” and some are “I Am Sick” so that his Grandmother can mail them to him and he will know if she is alright and will have mail from her. Before end of the movies there is a note of dedication to all Grandmothers around the world.

 Screenshots:The Way Home Kim Eul Boon and Yu Seung Ho Bus The Way Home Kim Eul Boon and Yu Seung Ho The Way Home Yu Seung Ho and Dong Hyo Hee The Way Home Yu Seung Hoo, Min Kyung Hyun and Yim Eun Kyung The Way Home Jibeuro

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