Tragic Theater

Directed by:

  • Tikoy Aguiluz

Main Cast:

  • Andi Eigenmann
  • Christopher de Leon
  • John Estrada
  • Lander Vera-Perez
  • Janna Victoria
  • Gabe Mercado
  • Roxanne Barcelo
  • Josh Padilla
  • Chloe Dauden
  • Jovic Monsod
  • Sara Polverini
  • Jourdaine Castillo
  • Sheng Belmonte
  • Carissa Quintas
  • Janna Roque
  • Arvic Rivero
  • Pio Balbuena
  • Clint Bondad
  • Orlando Sol
  • Gabriel de Leon


  • Horror

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2015/01/08

 Trailer Reviews:

Tragic Theater is based from a real life tragedy on 1981 when Manila Film Center had an accident during the construction of the building and it is haunted by the workers that been buried alive. The film begins on 1999 when an employee of Department of Tourism named Annie (Andi Eigenmann) is working on a project in rehabilitating the Film Center. However, the place is still haunted by hundreds of who are buried alive underneath the structure. She approaches for help from her old friend Father Nilo (John Estrada) who leads a team of exorcists to communicate with the lost spirits. They go inside and try to make contact with the souls haunting the Film Center hoping that they can convince them to leave but it appears that the souls have no intention to leave and there is something more dangerous awaits on them.

Trailer Screenshots:

Tragic Theater John Estrada Hot Tragic Theater Roxanne Barcelo Hot Tragic Theater Pinoy Horror Movies Tragic Theater Andi Eigenmann Sexy Tragic Theater Christopher de Leon with John Estrada Tragic Theater Andi Eigenmann Hot Tragic Theater Watch Pinoy Movies

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