Trophy Wife

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  • Andoy Ranay

Main Cast:

  • Cristine Reyes as Lani
  • Derek Ramsay as Chino
  • Heart Evangelista as Gwen
  • John Estrada as Sammy
  • Jaime Fabregas  – Friend of Sammy
  • Jackie Lou Blanco  – Sally
  • Giselle Toengi  – Ella
  • Jovic Monsod – Mon
  • Kian Kazemi – Daniel
  • Clint Bondad – Friend of Chino
  • Jay Roa – Friend of Chino
  • John James Uy – Johnboy
  • Phoebe Walker – Friend of Chino
  • Akiko Orita – Friend of Chino
  • Creesha Galvero – Friend of Chino


  • Drama

Release Date in Philippines:

  • 2014/07/30

Trailer Reviews:

Chino (Derek Ramsey), a rich playboy visiting Angeles City for a bar hopping, meets Lani (Cristine Reyes) a former Prostitute. Their relationship didn’t end well due to Chino gets into a fight with mayor’s son that leads his brother Sammy (John Estrada) to send him to America and leaving the naive Lani feeling betrayed and abandoned.  Meanwhile Chino finds a comfort in his newfound friend, Gwen (Heart Evangelista) and with Gwen’s character Chino falls in love with her in no time. Chino together with Gwen heads back to the Philippines is surprised to find that Lani is now married to his brother Sammy. In the time that Chino is in America Lani is plotting vengeance against the brothers. She soon draws the brothers and Gwen into a complex game of seduction and betrayal even there is no guarantee of ever succeeding.

Trailer Screenshots:

Trophy Wife Trophy Wife Cristine Reyes Sexy Trophy Wife Cristine Reyes with Heart Evangelista Bikini Trophy Wife Cristine Reyes Cleavage Trophy Wife Cristine Reyes with Heart Evangelista Trophy Wife Derek Ramsay with Heart Evangelista Trophy Wife Cristine Reyes with Heart Evangelista Bathing Trophy Wife Cristine Reyes Sex Scene Trophy Wife Heart Evangelista with Derek Ramsay Trophy Wife Derek Ramsay with Cristine Reyes Sex Scene

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